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I'm being scammed as we speak


I have a client that bought an article from me last week and loved it. He ordered another immediately after completing the order.

I just submitted his second order and all of a sudden my writing is “garbage and clearly written overseas,” and “I won’t accept this poorly written article I want to cancel.”

“This isn’t written in the United States and the content doesn’t make any sense.”

I’m revising his order (making it more technical and less engaging) and if he doesn’t like it then I guess I will get my first bad review. I was scammed once before and agreed to a cancellation out of fear of the “almighty bad review” but not this time.

I need advice. I keep reading that customer support will not help us when buyer’s try to scam us on our hard work.

I’m having a bad week on Fiverr - is it even worth it? This is the reason why I took a leave of absence (I started Fiverr in April but got scammed and just recently came back to Fiverr in October) because I can’t tell the difference between the scammers and the genuine buyer’s that want help with their articles. :frowning:



Well, this is a big problem that buyer always threat to do, I have made a gig for unique article writing, and this is the main thing that fetch me to this forum to know, whether people are satisfied with buyers or not. I found your recent article regarding got scammed. You have right to talk with the fiverr support and tell them your problem and give them some evidences, I hope you will win this case.


I suggest asking them to be specific. Ask them to point our exactly what the problem is and what doesn’t make sense. It is possible with all the “how to scam on Fiverr” posts around that some will just try it out, even some who have previously been “nice” buyers.
Asking them to point something out is a nice way of saying “Prove it, muppet!”.
If they come back with something like, “its all rubbish” or “I’m not going to waste my time doing that”, then I suggest you say something like “I am sorry you are not happy but I have worked on this and deserve to be paid. Without specific feedback I cannot revise this properly.”


This is a big problem, some buyers do this for only 5 bucks. But in your case, their is still possibility that you can satisfy him by providing improved content.

In worst case, give him refund. Don’t let him post any negative review, it will harm you in getting new orders.


I did ask him to give examples. I’m in the middle of revising it and I hope he really is sincere when he said “Try again, but If it is not readable English I don’t care what style you call it I’m not accepting” as sincere as that could be at this moment. LOL.

My gig states “engaging articles” and he wants technical, so I’m making it as technical as I can and see how that goes.

The irritating part is that in my gig requirements I ask them in advance what tone they want their paper written in and he chose engaging but informative. Now he wants the engaging parts omitted and written like an instructions manual. :slight_smile:

I can write any style you want but let me know exactly what you want in advance is all I ask. Ha.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll update you all.


I’m so sorry you are having this problem! A bad buyer can make life miserable. You have my best wishes and hopes for a good outcome.


This kind of buyers only do this to $5-sellers because if the seller is not intimidated and agrees to the cancellation, there is real money at stake for this *****-buyers.
Solution: raise your prices.


I thought I had to at least have a baseline of $5? Then be allowed to increase the price with the gig packages.

Forgive me for my lack of knowledge with how to price my gigs. I’m still learning. I’d love to not have to charge a sad $5 for any word count because of the time it takes me to research, prepare notes, and then execute a great paper.

I’m also afraid to spike my prices when I have a few regulars that I love working with and that treat me like a friend. I don’t want to lose their business with the price inflation.

Thank you for the response @mariokluser


Thank you for your best wishes @misscrystal


The regulars will keep asking for custom offers.
There is nothing to forgive though, everybody is entitled to have a different view on pricing and to value his/her time differently.
You can make use of packages (if they are available for your gigs). This way you don’t have to start at $5,-


Thank you @mariokluser!

After I finish a current order I’m working on I will modify my prices. I will let my favorite buyers know about the change in advance.

I feel like a fool working this hard for $5 to get attacked by scammers. You guys all rock - Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:



I am looking for someone to write articles regarding our new website (just a draft at the moment) at which is a new idea we have to engage people looking for a Zen Advice - while making money for our new Zen centre.

I was surprised to see people wanting to write articles for us for $5. Why would I want to pay so little? For sure it wont be a good quality?

I am happy to pay 20-25$ for an article - and if they are well written even more. Why not?

I put up an offer and got many responses, but half of them (the actual response) was written in the poorest of English. I found it very weird. How can someone whom can spell and have horrible grammar can write for me? Is it normal for Fivver to have offers to write to you sent to you written in absolutely bad English? I dont know as I have never used it before.

Anyway, if you would like to have a look at the site and feel you can really work with us (long term) I would love to hear from you.



I suggest you read the Fiverr Terms of Services. It may have some information you can contact support for.


I recently did a ebook conversion for a client, I quoted the lowest price possible because I was loosing sales lately, so I didn’t want to loose it too. After delivering the book she tipped me $15. Things like this happened earlier too. Some people really give respect to our time and effort. I am very grateful for them :slight_smile:


I wouldn´t say that it´s normal, but unfortunately there are, in fact, a lot of people who aren´t really able to deliver good quality - but as you already noticed, you can often tell that by the way they reply to your BR. Look at their profiles and gigs for further hints, or, if something seems off, you could message them, ask some things about their gig, or questions that will tell you, if they understand what kind of job you want them to do for you, that more or less live communication has the least chance of being ‘faked’ (sadly some people do steal gig descriptions, profiles, even portfolios from other sellers, so their profiles and descriptions etc. might tip you off, but not necessarily so).

You might have better results, if you don´t rely on Buyer Request posts, but ‘actively’ look for sellers who offer what you need, many sellers don´t even look at the Buyer Requests (partly because they are good enough that they get enough orders already, partly because the Buyer Request section, alas, gets spammed a lot by the kind of sellers who don´t understand English enough to be aware that they aren´t supposed to post in there, and that only other sellers will read their ads, and it´s too tedious to scroll through all those misplaced posts to find the genuine Buyer Requests).

Of course, the language abilities of sellers won´t matter (that much) in certain categories (though it´s always a plus if you can communicate well enough to avoid misunderstandings and such as much as possible), but, yeah, for translating or writing gigs they usually will matter. :wink:
Good thing that you can detect a lack of ability to write correct English quite easily, it´s more difficult for buyers who want a translation into a language they don´t speak/read themselves, I got a couple buyers who bought from some scammy sellers first and ended up with Googe Translate texts, so they didn´t win anything by paying a low price (at least I hope they payed a lower price for that! lol), but rather lost money and time.

Investing a bit of time (choose your seller wisely) and a bit more money (maybe there´s something wrong with the gig 'I translate into all languages in 24 hours 1000 words for 5$) upfront often will pay off for a buyer,
the prices here on fiverr are already much lower in most if not all cases anyway,
than those you´d pay elsewhere for comparable quality, so I´d suggest to not make the price your primary criterion in choosing a seller. Good quality for a fair price should make you more money ultimately, than bad quality for a too good to be true price.

Buyers who are willing to pay fair prices, as you seem to be :), can find good and even great sellers here for all their needs, the art of the fiverr game is to sort the wheat from the chaff, an art which is important for both buyers and sellers btw. :wink:

Anyhow, welcome to fiverr, and you´ll surely find some great writers for your project, I know for sure they exist, some of them even write on the forum regularly, so maybe look there, you´ll recognize them by their great English, good grammar :wink: and engaging way of writing, if you won´t find any through Buyers Request, or else use search with the relevant keywords for your purpose, good luck and success with your zen centre!


Yes, there are great people in both camps, and, luckily, people who are able to recognize quality and are kind enough to pay for it too, if it came with a pricetag that doesn´t reflect the seller’s abilities. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, I’ve been writing articles for $5 for 3 years now, apart from one or two buyers nobody has complained about the quality of my writing. I have completed more than 3,000 orders.


I wouldn´t complain either, if someone wrote quality articles for me for 5$. I have done/do quality work for 5$ myself too. But I´m pretty sure you won´t get quality writing from the sellers with bad English the post talks about, unless they can outsource to someone who delivers quality writing for even less than what remains from the 5$ after fees and all :wink:


$5 for any length articles? Are you kidding me?

I’ll take 100 of those LOL.

Ok but seriously your prices are just way too low. I would say up them asap to $10 an article of 500 words, then add in some extras for more words…

I charge $5 just to publish a guest post on my website, but if they want an article written for them then I charge $35 for a 1000 word article.

I will never buy an article for $5 simply because I will assume it is low quality.

And do you know what a low quality service attracts? Low quality buyers!