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I'm being threatened to leave a positive review, or else I won't get my order

I bought this EXPRESS GIG about 2-3 weeks ago, the seller did not contact me until a week later after me sending 3 messages about needing this done right away. It’s an express gig, it should have been done in 24 hours!

about 8 days later or so, the seller “delivered” the gig. He/she delivered the wrong work!

All that aside, I complained a little, but the seller does not even reply. The seller doesn’t reply until I left a negative rating that is. Then the seller asked me to remove my negative review and the gig will be delivered in 24 hours, he explained that he had exams to write.

Stupidly, I removed my negative review, since I’m a student too and I am writing exams also, I felt sympathy for him/her.

2 days after that I still haven’t gotten the right gig, so I contacted the seller politely saying "hey, it’s been way past 24 hours? Will you be delivering soon?"

He does not reply again, so I left another negative review 2 days after that!

The seller contacted me saying

"check your stats.

i have delivered your order since.

If you fail to remove the negative review, you will

only be cheating on me."


Now it has been another week, and the seller still HAS NOT DELIVERED WORK. I told him that I have left another negative review because he hasn’t delivered work!

he said

"I never knew you’ve removed the NEGATIVE REVIEW.

Because i still see your negative review.

If you remove today, you will get delivery today.


I’m being threatened to leave a positive review, or else I won’t get my order!

So if I don’t remove the negative review, I WON’T GET MY ORDER THAT I PAID FOR?


Anyone know where I can contact? I don’t care about the money I paid, but sellers like this should be noticed.

Please tell me if there any authorities I can contact? I don’t care if I get a refund or not, but this really made me mad.

The seller changed his time required for the gig from 24 hours to 4 days by the way.

Sheriff’s Note: Please contact the customer support team <–Click or try to resolve things with your seller. Thank You

Contact to @Customer Support. I’m sure they will help you.

contact support and direct them to your inbox and do not remove the negative feedback either as this seller is obviously just stringing you along. I would also remove the sellers name from above as naming anyone on the forum is not allowed. Going by their grammar on the gig I would not ask them to write me a swipe file at all and I would just let support deal with it.

Also a word of advice. IF you are buying solo’s make sure you are getting solo’s and not just traffic, as you probably know there are cases where people are just sending traffic out and stating they are solo’s…so if someone is selling traffic as well you have a good idea of what they are really doing.

Reply to @markp: actually, I ordered for a written ad :slight_smile:

When you leave a negative review you’re helping the selling community that wants to preserve the integrity of fiverr. One bad seller can ruin a person’s first experience on fiver… making them unwilling to come back and try out the rest of us who actually do a good job!

It really boils my grits when sellers pull this type of stuff. I am so sorry you had to experience such a lack of professionalism. I assure you there are many remarkable sellers who can deliver your desirable results. I encourage you to contact customer support to report this seller, and find a more qualified person here on Fiverr. :wink:

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vedmak said: Not as much as some of my wifes cooking.

That bad huh ?