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I'm beyond happy!

So I joined Fiverr in late August and struggled to get ANY orders for 2 weeks I think it was. It was hard to get my first order and it was through buyer requests that I became successful in getting one.

I was told to draw something I was uncomfortable with making, but I did it anyways for the sake of having an order.

My second order occurred the next day and I was absolutely thrilled! Again, it was through one of my buyer request offers.

A couple days after I had a regular customer. He wanted me to draw pages for his colouring book and I made 5 of them before he stopped contacting me. It was still a great experience and after that I thought that would be it.

For the next couple of days I would get no buyer requests (maybe 2 at the most) and I began to lose hope.

Suddenly a lady ordered 2 portrait drawings which surprised me bc no one had ordered from that gig before and I normally receive a message first in the inbox.

Before I know it, she is requesting 8 more drawings the day after I had finished her portraits! I was ecstatic that someone liked my work.

As if I couldn’t get any more occupied, I suddenly have two other customers requesting drawings to be done as well. I don’t know how all of it happened so suddenly since I hadn’t placed any offers in buyer requests lately.

I just went to check my buyer requests and I was shocked at the number: 1257! This is crazy! Just last week I was upset to only see two, it’s so surreal!

My advice to new sellers is continue to send your offers! Advertise on “My Fiverr Gigs” every so often and don’t lose hope!


That’s awesome! Congratulations! Looks like you’ll be pretty busy for awhile filling all those orders! :slight_smile:

I am new seller too . But unfortunately My first Order was going down for Negative review. But after some of day’s I got second and Third Order with 5 star review. A am trying to get new forth order , But I don’t understand why not get any Order ?
In your story’s Buyer request is an attractive value for your success. In my situation why should do for me? Have you any suggestion?

Thank you! And yes haha I’ve been spending all of my free time to finish my orders :slight_smile:

I suggest that if you have multiple gigs, try to make sure they all have different categories so that you receive more buyer requests.

I really recommend offering requests and eventually you will get a buyer who is interested.

You might get lucky and be favourited by a popular user, which can increase your sales quickly.

I’m still unsure myself how I got so many orders suddenly, but the only methods I used were buyer requests and advertising my gig on “My Fiver gigs” :slight_smile: Try your best to be patient and maybe improve the appearance or description of your gig

Congratulations for your all awesome jobs done :fireworks:

thank you so much! :heart: