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Im bout to drop from Level 1 Seller to level 0. What now?

I have 10 active gigs and im Level 1 Seller. Now im gonna drop to level 0, what’s gonna happen to my gigs if I wouldn’t have permission to have 10 active gigs?

About why im dropping to level 0, I sent time extend delivery to my client so I can ask him few questions if he would like any change to a product.

I didn’t received any reply in like 24 hours so I decided whatever, if he will want to change anything he will just not approve delivery. So i canceled time request and my delivery on time went from 100% to 75%.

But I don’t care really because in next month im gonna get level 1 again easily, if not level 2


You may have your answers here:


I just had a level drop because 2 customers didn’t fully read the gig requirements and purchased before having everything needed to complete. Had to cancel because there was literally nothing I could do for them. Really annoying how it works out sometimes. I don’t think 2 cancelations based on the fact customer didn’t read everything should be my fault and cost me a level drop, especially with nothing but 5 star reviews. But, such is life. Just keep doing what you can I guess.


I had pretty similiar situation (im now seller lvl 1 again btw) but it doesn’t really affected me. Level One is more fancy than actually beneficial, im wondering if I see anything better at Level 2 or Top Rated Seller (if I become one)

same with me at two time. Don’t worry you will be level one maybe in next evolution.