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I'm brand new to Fiverr and I'm worried about messages I'm getting

I just joined Fiverr last night. I finally got my first gig set up and my video was approved this morning. I have received messages from two different accounts. Both of these accounts showed to have been created this month. Both of these accounts asked me to communicate with them on ■■■■■ or Discord.

My bovine fecal matter detector immediately went off. I insisted they communicate with me on Fiverr’s platform and both accounts quit communicating with me immediately.

Is this a normal occurrence? Am I missing out on potential jobs or is this SPAM like it appears to be? If I don’t respond, does it hurt my rating or ranking in some way? Being so new to this, I’m not sure what harm I could be doing to myself by answering or not answering these messages.



Hey Darren!

Welcome to Fiverr, you are going to really enjoy it here!

In regards to the messages you are receiving, yes those are scams and they do happen from time to time. The best course of action that I have learned is to let them know that you only communicate on Fiverr and that anything else would be breaking terms of service. At that point, I will usually just report them and move on!

I look forward to hearing more about your success as it comes.

Take care and be safe,



Thanks for the warm welcome!

I appreciate you confirming my suspicions.



It’s my pleasure! Best of luck with your new gig.