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I'm calling you out!


Against TOS? WHO CARES!!! If fiverr does nothing to prevent personal and malicious attacks by buyers then why shouldn’t we name them?

Fragglesrock - has ordered two gigs of mine after he has requested a paypal refund on a non refundable product which has nothing to of with fiverr. Both given negative reviews for nothing other than wanting to steal my IPR. So sorry fiverr but I am ‘OUTING’ fragglesrock as he should not be allowed to sell/buy here. But I expect no action to be taken, from a company that allows all my gigs to be copied and resold! $800 a month now down to $100 as fiverr promotes the sale of my own products by anyone who buys them. Delete this post if you must but enough is enough. Sick of fiverr supporting bad buyers

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users is against forum rules. You can always report users directly to Customer Support.


It’s mainly because if you are allowed to call people out some people would abuse it.

If you sell gigs, a rival seller could just start calling you out so they can take your gigs. That’s why the safeguard is in place.


I believe there’s just too weak protection for the sellers.