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I'm can't order my gig


How to ranking my gig and how to get order my gig please suggests me how to get an order?

  1. Improve your English or at least have someone proofread it for you.

  2. Offer gigs for which you have little to no competition, yet there is a high demand for the work you do.

  3. Make sure your gig photos and videos are professional and give the viewer a good idea of the value you bring.

  4. Make sure your gig description is professionally written and that your pricing, packages and extras are competitive in your market, but don’t sell yourself short.

  5. Respond to buyer requests with attractive offers – But do so thoughtfully and tactfully.


good tips :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


yes…You have to increase your skills


Thanks you :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome.


Thank you! Enjoy. :slight_smile:


great advice for all of us to consider.


Yes these are true facts


The only thing I can suggest you now is… improve your English. After that you can implement other methods to rank your gig and get orders. Best of luck!!! :slight_smile:


First of all Improve your English then Make Professional Gigs Cover.
02. Make sure your gigs Description.
03.Make sure your gigs tag.
04. Active on your Fiverr Account al least 15 hours


Do you want to order to your own gig?