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I'm Confused About live portfolio

I need to know if I am doing something wrong, because I have live portfolio turned on, but I don’t have any of my positive reviews in it. When I upload a video (which only works part or the time) it will sometimes say “choose a clip for your portfolio” but I can’t click on those words, and clicking on the video it’self only makes it play. IS anyone else having this issue?

@motleyrose, It’s funny that you mentioned that. I just emailed Customer Support about 15 minutes ago with a similar problem on the Live Portfolio.

Reply to @madmoo: Here is my problem with Live Portfolio and I find this very frustrating. I ask my buyers to click on the Live Portfolio link and @oldbittygrandma has helped me with this earlier this week.

My problem is that NONE of my buyers ever find the link to turn on the Live Portfolio for my delivery to them. When I say “none”, it is not an exaggeration. I know my buyers are smart, but I have no Live Portfolio on any of my gigs and if you ask me if I activated the Live Portfolio in my Manage Gigs section, the answer is yes.

What I find so frustrating is that I activate the feature for almost all my gigs and include a request to my buyer to click the link. All I get back from them is “I do not see the link”.

Reply to @madmoo: a bit late lol but needed to know hat it waws!

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can buyers hide the work they requested from seller portfolio?