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I'm confused about the message


I’m serving here since 2015. Today, I got a sudden message from one the buyer who is starting her business at fiverr since September 2017 and ask me to do a data entry job for $45/h and 3hrs/d. She wants to send me the job via Teamviewer. I asked her that the personal contact will break the Fiverr’s terms and condition and I’m committed to obeying this rule. Then she told me that “fiverr will not have issues with it”. I’m confused. I expect a suggestion that “Should I send the ID of Team Viewer”?


She must send the work + pay through Fiverr.
But if the work you are doing requires u 2 use teamviewer, she isn’t allowed to exchange teamviewer ID and Pass in a message.
In this case, she types the ID on the order page.



Make a screen shot of your conversation with customer, send it to Customer Support, and ask them exactly what you asked here.
This is the best way to solve this issue.
Best of luck!



If you’re sure you need to exchange personal contact information with your buyer, before you do it even on the order page make sure you ask CS for approval. Only go through with it if CS explicitly allows you to.


Hi bmamran,

In your case it is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service, and project should only be taken through Fiverr. Fiverr may suspend your account without any warning if they found any misuse of their services.

For better help you can contact Fiverr support directly and tell them that it is the need of the project they will definitely help you.

Thank you.


Thanks for a better suggestion