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I'm confused owo

Hello^^ I’m new in this and I’m a little bit confused. when I checked other Gigs in my domains (( even though I offer different services)) my profile doesn’t even show up since there are alot of old workers here. Is there any way to let people see my capacities and Gigs? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:emphasized text


Unfortunately i guess not, and that what makes it hard to get orders in the first place, i believe there are a lot a lot of people with higher qualities than the ones that show up first in the feed but still not getting any orders…


How about a way to post your services like posting questions here?

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I believe that it goes against Fiverr’s policies and can give you a ban because if not u d be seeing a lot doing it here

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ah okay got it, thank you!

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You are allowed to advertise and put the Fiverr link to your gig in the forum category My Fiverr Gigs only.

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