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I'm confused. When will the order be marked as complete?


Maybe this is a simple question, but I can’t understand this. I had an order that was placed using milestones. The last one was delivered on May 9. It was expected to be delivered by May 23, but I ended the work before than that. The order is not marked as complete yet. Should I be worry?


The order status will be set to complete automatically in 3 days after delivery, if the buyer does not ask for revision, or he/she sets the order status manually to complete.


The order was delivered on May 9. And it’s not completed yet.


Did you check if the buyer asked for a revision?


The buyer didn’t asked for any revision.


The customer support answered my ticket. Mystery solved: Milestone projects have 8 days (and not 3) until the order is marked as complete.


hm miletone projects?


I guess you didn’t read my post. Never mind…


Milestones is a feature that’s still in beta and not rolled out sitewide yet. I don´t have it either.


As your question has already been answered! Can you tell us do you get milestone option every time because most seller don’t have this option I guess!


Honestly I didn’t know that the feature is not available everywhere. I thought this was available to everyone. Sorry.

When you create an offer, Fiverr shows two options:

One Delivery: Deliver a finished project
Milestones: Deliver gradually in steps (for orders of $100, minimum)

You can set a maximum of 3 milestones:

1st Milestone Duration Amount $
2nd Milestone Duration Amount $
Final Delivery Duration Amount $

Payment for delivered Milestones will be available after the entire order is marked as completed or in case the Buyer decides not to continue to the next Milestone.

The order is marked as complete after 8 days of the final delivery.


Oh I see, thanks for letting me know