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I'm confusing! AARGHH


Man man man,

I’m confusing right now. I have delivered a order tonight. Buyer accepted. Order finished.

I have delivered good work, on time.

Buyer left a 3 star rating… and he left a tip… WTF

Why is he given a 3 star rating, he is satisfied with my work.

What can i do now? The rating is not matching with the work that I delivered and he left a tip…


@apart from contacting your buyer and politely asking him about the review he placed, there’s nothing else you can do.


I think the buyer is not known how the ratings work… here on fiverr…


ask the buyer politely for reconsidering the review.
and from this order, hit ‘resolve now’. then follow the instructions and ask the buyer for changing the review.
tip: write some good reasons for why you think you deserve a better score :slight_smile:


Ask Him to modify review and send him request.



The Buyer is confused not you. My first 4 star review was from a Buyer who didn’t like that Fiverr’s messaging system only allowed 1200 characters!

I agree you should contact the Buyer and ask for the change.


People thank you for your reply. I have ask the buyer for modifying their feedback and rating.




Hey, I think you need to contact the buyer. Probably he doesn’t know how the ratings works


@seo_article3 Yes I have done that this morning. I’m now waiting…