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I'm confusing about the price of seller (New buyer)

Hi everyone,
I’m a new buyer so I’m confusing about the price of sellers. I contacted a seller to ask her about my problem. She said that she can do it for $400 but in her profile, she only has the budgets ($150,$80,$20). So she said she could make custom payment for me.

Do her budgets are the minimum fee when she solves the problem for me(and it can be higher) or I only need to pay the budget I choose?

And do I need to pay another fee for fiverr or just the fee which I deal with the seller?

A seller can offer any custom price for the work that he/she wants. It is up to you to decide if the quoted price is a price that you are willing to pay.

As a buyer, you only pay the one low order processing fee.


Most likely, when you wrote to her and told her of your “problem”, it was broader or would take more time to solve than her “budget” rates that are listed on her profile. This is why she suggested sending you a custom offer.

The fee will be in all one payment - the fee to Fiverr and her fee to fix your “problem”.



Thank you guys .
I saw another seller with $5. So I have some questions want to ask :
if I order with that price and didn’t contact them first , so they would work with that price or I’ll pay more later ?
Do i need to pay for the seller first or wait until they finish my problem ?
He told me that I can pay after he done.

If you order a $5 gig, but ask the seller to do more than is described in their gig, the seller will either cancel or send you a custom offer for the additional cost to do what you asked of them. If you cancel your payment will be returned to your payment method minus the Fiverr Service fee.

When you book the gig, Fiverr immediately takes the money from your chosen payment method and holds it until the buyer completes the job and you accept the completed order.

Also, I see your name has the word student in it. It is against Fiverr TOS for sellers to do homework for buyers. They would be in danger of losing their account if they did. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes, that’s how Fiverr is designed to work, though you won’t be paying the seller directly, and the seller will be able to withdraw the funds 2 weeks after the successful completion of the order.

It will be useful for you to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service; it’s not some boring legal speak, they explain how Fiverr works really well. If you wish, you can scroll down to the “Buyers” part:


Not only the seller but also the buyer will lose the account !!!

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