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I'm creating amazing html5 websites for 5$


Hello i’ll build an amazing html5 website for you or ‘relook’ yours :slight_smile: i’m a pro web designer and developper you can get a website with:

  • a member signup and login
  • an extraordinary look!
  • mp3 players
  • an amazing video player
  • anything related to social networks (like/follow/feed…)
  • a clock if you want
  • a slideshow if you want
  • a chat for guests or members and they can login with their facebook / twitter accounts to chat
  • blogger feed
  • tumblr feed
  • and ofcourse some posts! and others

    check it now :slight_smile: —>


OMG i’m sorry i’m new here and i have many good gigs but no luck :frowning: so i posted in the forum to have some orders :slight_smile:


nope didnt try it however i have 7000 twitter foller! ill try it thnx :slight_smile: