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I'm curious if there is anyway this would be against ToS

Hey y’all, I’ve been working with a buyer for quite some time now (4+ months) and recently it seems as though fiverr is compressing the delivered file, enough of a compression that makes audio sound really bad for some people.
Naturally, I was super embarrassed, and was thinking of a way I could fix it, they suggested that I could deliver the clip on fiverr, and also email them the clip to bypass the compression, which made total sense, Fiverr would still get their 20% cut, I would still get paid, and everyone would be happy! - Side note, I trust the buyer 100% he provides routine work each week, and they are small voiceovers, and I KNOW for a fact that he isn’t trying to rip me off, I have listened to the compressed audio from his end and it genuinely sounds awful on CERTAIN voiceovers, it seems to be random.

I’m curious what you guys think, and if you have experienced similar situations with fiverr severely compressing audio to the point of which is sounds all muddy and gross.

email them the clip to bypass the compression

This would be against ToS.

Firstly try to contact Fiverr and tell them about the problem and ask them for result that would not be violating ToS.

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You may use dropbox or we transfer like File hosting services to share your files to your buyer, but I would still recommend to talk to CS before doing so and state your issue with fiverr order and Inbox delivery !


Yeah, that’s what I was worried about, I was pretty sure it was, but guessed since we would continue to use fiverr that it would be okay, thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll use dropbox then, that’s really helpful, thanks so much!


Dropbox is what I would suggest too - remember to deliver it in the order too though!
Just to be sure.


Oh absolutely! I was planning on it, it’s not always compressed anyways, I just would like to give them multiple options if one doesn’t work

Can you notify us if you contact Fiverr support and tell us what they said. Would also help future visitors.

Delivery by Dropbox is approved by support for large files etc but it is advisable to show proof of work within the delivery anyway. There is no need to get the client’s email for this, just share by link. Google Drive is also approved.