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I'm curious, why "My Fiverr Gig" exists? :)

I don’t know if this belongs to rant or conversation, but why do we have that category? Is it so effective to have a separate category? Do sellers actually buy gigs from other sellers in there so often? I see healers, template logo creators, non-native English proofreaders who misspell their post and gig, background removers. I don’t mind it at all, I’m just curious how effective this is. How many of you actually bought a gig from “My Fiverr Gig” :slight_smile:


I’ve used it before, yes.

Yeah I don’t see the point, either, but if Fiverr wants people to participate in the forum, this category does give incentive for people to join.

I, too, have noticed that only people who don’t understand business use this category. It’s mostly logos, background removal and other things that have literally thousands of competitors.

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I agree with @miiila. Before I knew how to mute certain categories my feed was always cluttered with posts from sellers trying to promote their gigs. Once I learned how to mute that category, I enjoy my Forum experience more.


Works out great for me every time I advertise my services

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Well, I’ll be damned :slight_smile: Well done then!

Without that category, desperate sellers would spam the entire forum with their gigs. This way, they can be directed there (and for some, it even works, and does bring them sales). Plus, I guess it’s easier for buyers, too, to have them all in one place.


I now see the importance of it. Someone else mentioned the same thing, keeping people from spamming the whole forum. Makes sense now.