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I'm Currently Focusing On Getting More Orders Locally


Yo. Hope you are all doing good. I’m hoping to catch up soon after going out of office mode for a month to take good care of other things. Have a great day guys.


Hello welcome back! I used to work for a small company that made websites and called on local clients. It wasn’t easy to do. Wishing you the best of luck with your business.


If you can, try dropping into a co-working space in your area. I’ve had very mixed results with how welcoming these places can be. However, they are an excellent resource when it comes to networking and finding local clients.

You might meet a copywriter who knows a firm who needs a go-to web designer etc. Just remember to make a lasting impression by handing out business cards whenever you do stumble upon a potential lead.

Also, be warned that real-life clients can be just as hard to work with as some freelance clients. :wink:

Good luck!


Sometimes much harder to work with. They can take up hours of your time chatting about everything with no smooth way to break free.


Hello MissCrystal and Cyaxrex. Thanks for the advice. I truly agree with you both @Misscrystal and @Cyaxrex


Alas, I do almost all of the above but I don’t offer to build websites. If only there was a way for sellers like ourselves to collaborate without risk of massive let downs because of chargebacks…

I really appreciate your post @esthernyambura. You are definitely one of the nicest and most determined of sellers I’ve happened to come to know on Fiverr. The way you have expanded your skill range is impressive and dare I say it, inspirational.

Keep up the good work! One other thing you might also want to consider is setting yourself up as a company and claiming your own business via Google and other local business listings.

This is possibly the hardest part of freelancing. When someone buys a packet of pasta from a store, they don’t expect a free Italian cookery lesson. Sadly, when it comes to websites in particular, most people have no idea when it comes to marketing and SEO.

One thing you could consider is creating gigs (somehow) for separate marketing specific services. Have one gig/service where you create a marketing plan. Have another where you offer SEO audits. Have another where you offer content creation. This could mean creating gigs for services you will have to outsource, However, with the right planning and pricing structure, it is possible.

I sincerely wish you all the best my friend!


Sure. Thanks very much for those tips Andy. I will keep on getting in touch to let you know how it goes. Just mentioning clients recommendations to service providers are always good but can’t be done for all clients. I mean someone must sort out the clients who are willing to pay as the service provider states…and clients with characteristics that will not cause us to suffer charge-backs.
Enjoy your day and see you later


Yes, this is a problem. I have tried incorporating voice overs to videos several times. It always ends in disaster. VO artists charge more per revision than I do and everything becomes chaotic with regard to delivery times etc. One thing you can do is consider outsourcing off Fiverr. I have a press release guy I outsource to on another platform. He’s been 100% reliable to date. In this case, I’m deciding whether or not to create a dedicated PR gig here on Fiverr.

The main problem you will have when outsourcing components of any order, rests with buyers being able to push the revision button as many times as they like. If I could lock 1 x revision into my video orders, I wouldn’t have a problem outsourcing the VO component. As it is, I can have trigger happy revisionistas requesting up to 10 revisions for all kind od reasons.

Needless to say, though, if you ever need to outsource any writing or video work, I’d be happy to help. :slight_smile:


Yeah…This means that I will have to charge far more so as to cater for all revisions.

Sure… Will hit you up anytime…:joy::joy::heart_eyes: