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I'm currently getting scammed on fiverr and No response from support

There are scammer buyers on Fiverr. Many probably know that.

This person is a buyer and a seller here on Fiverr. Their account seems to be a whole sham. They have reviews from 1 client from the same region ( which adds to my circumstantial evidence) and their display picture is a logo they created for the client. Also, they ordered 3 times from the same client who is also a seller on Fiverr. It is obvious they are exchanging reviews for their account. Is this not against the TOS? I’m in fear that this scammer is going to ruin my rating and get my hard work for free. I would have canceled from the outset if it wasn’t going to be damaging to my account. The last time I canceled I didn’t get work for a long time. I spent a lot of time trying to please them and prove my theory wrong.
After completing the work they are saying that their client says their are gaps in the recording and want to cancel. :smirk:
I have 11 orders all five stars and not one has ever said anything like that.
p.s. I contacted support at the beginning of the order to let them know what was happening, because as soon as they ordered they wanted to cancel because my time frame was 5 days delivery and they wanted it in 24 hrs. They claimed that they didn’t see the time and something seems " extremely tricky". I sent them 2 custom orders at the same time. How could they miss that? Anyways, I completed the work within 24hrs just to go the extra mile in hopes these were honest people who just had a misunderstanding. Even tho my reasoning was telling me otherwise. It has been over 30 hrs still haven’t gotten a response from support.

Edit: I added a compilation of some questionable activity on this client’s account to cement my allegations. For the additional reasons why I think this is a scammer please read comments below.


Customer Support is extremely busy with everything that is going on right at the moment. It’s taking them about 5-8, possibly 10, days to get back to people.

And there’s nothing strange about wanting to cancel because the delivery time is so long, especially if they needed the work in 24 hrs instead of 5 days. You’d be surprised what people don’t read, even when it’s right in front of their faces.

Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding and everything will work out.

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Same thing happened to my! I got my first gig this week (first week as a fiverr seller) the customer accepted the order but still hasn’t paid, and it says that in 3 days it will be marked as completed, but 3 days went by and nothing happened. So i send an email to fiverr suppor and still no one contacted me back.

Well I hope so. However I completed the work and they sent a cancellation request. Not sure what more can be done. I’ve been working on this job for more than 15 hrs and usually, this take me an hour the most. There are a couple of undisputable hints to cause on to be doubtful. Lets see.

That sounds a little different than my issue. Have you checked to see your earnings? Even after a client accepts or the system automatically accepts after 3 days you still have to wait 2 weeks for your funds to clear.

Say no to the cancellation.
They may leave a bad review but so what? You have 88 good reviews so it shouldn’t really affect you. It’s also possible they won’t leave a review because they won’t want you leaving a review on their profile.


I intend to do that. But I value my great reviews. I’ll first be exhausting my resources before I put my foot down. I wouldn’t want to think I could have avoided ruining gigs clean record due to haste, since there is the possibility that support can do something.

Sometimes one bad review can do even better for you than having all 5stars.

He can leave a bad review but you have a choice to reply on that review. And your good answer sometimes matter more than a bad review. You get to share your part of the story. And that will scare away in the future all other scammer when they see your reply to that review. They will know that you’ll stand your ground and they wouldn’t be able to scam you.


the truth is you can’t have all people satisfied at the same time. 2 different buyers same results, one leave a 5 star, while the other was a 1 star. You can check my profile and you’d see that I’ve got a mix of reviews over the years but your positive ratings should and must be more.

As for the seller side (getting reviews from a client in the same region multiple times); i believe that great work on fiverr should be compensated. I have a friend who had worked with a client for more than 10 times and the client had done well by compensating her with great and awesome feedback. But i still feel it is the CS work to look into it and if it’s gotten deceptively, Fiverr would have it place.

Don’t worry about that but keep making the overall community look great by delivering excellent results

Hope this finds you well

That’s truly good advice. I will surely be leaving a detailed review. Of all the evidence I gathered. But honestly for a while my self diagnosed O.C.D. will not be able to bare it, knowing that it wasn’t my fault. Shouldn’t support be able to fix abuse like this?

I understand that clearly and the main focus is not my 5-star review. Even tho I try to bend backward for all my clients there is a cutting off point. My main objective is to not allow this individual who is profiling like a scammer to take advantage of Fiverr sellers. Who knows how many people he or she has done this to? I’m hoping it ends here with me when support looks into this issue.

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Replying to your edit:

This is totally different from your friend’s situation. This client who is a buyer and seller on Fiverr only has 3 reviews on his or her gig from a buyer who is also a seller. The logo that they "made for the individual (the same buyer and seller mentioned previously) who reviewed their account, this logo is their display picture. Now a couple of questions come to mind. Why are they using their client’s work as their display picture? Was the client so kind that he wanted to purchase a logo for the seller so they could use it on their account? Why is it that both of them ordered from each other 8 months ago? The region just adds to the circumstantial evidence that this client of mine is in shady dealings which would make my allegations legitimate.

that’s a great mindset… really love that

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all i just wanted is for you to do your research very well but from what you said now, i get your point of discuss

Okay thanks Deborah. At least you help me to mention more evidence I’m going to attach some screen shots to my main post. Names will be blocked.

Thanks. I plan on doing that! I just want to exhaust all my options with the 2 day time frame I have. A book of great wisdom helped me to appreciate not to rush to give a response as it might not be the wisest choice. :slight_smile:

You have to wait more for the reply from CS. I don’t know why they are irresponsive now.

This one can be a scammer or fraud’s work, because if you complete the work and they still asking to stop the order then they must be frauds or enemies want to waste your precious time.

Your this argument is baseless, because if buyer want to buy the service from same region then it can be authentic. I agree with you that the buyer can be exchange some reviews with sellers, but it’s the loophole of the TOS. Developer must have to find some solutions for it.

What can support do?
They won’t force the buyer to accept it, nor will they stop them from leaving a review.
You are going to wait 4 days for a response from Support which will say “Talk to your buyer, we can’t make them accept an order etc etc etc”.
Meanwhile you are distracted from your work and focused on an order which has already wasted at least 15 hours of your time. Even cancelling is a better option than waiting for support but I am against letting scammers away with things.

So does everyone but this is exactly the reason why getting 50+ great reviews is important - so you don’t have to be afraid of the occasional bad one. Often you will find they won’t even leave a review but of course, they might.

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Im not sure what point you are trying to make. However, as I said before the region just adds to the circumstantial evidence that my client is shady.

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