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I'm currently not available for orders

when i wanted to place order to seller as usual, there is notification like that :

I’m currently not available for orders.

what does it mean ? does fiverr ban the seller ?

Help me… because I want SEO service

@tleshian2 It could mean they are on vacation. Does it give you the option to place an order for when they return? If so, then they are only on vacation. If they were banned, I believe that their account would be deleted altogether.

As others said, that means that seller is using vacation mode : he could be on holiday or maybe he had to pause his gigs because overwhelmed.

When a seller is on vacation, usually on his page you can find a button to be notified when the seller comes back and enables his gigs again; if you can’t find this button you should be able to write the seller (on conversation tab).

Many sellers, even if on holiday, read requests and eventually answer…