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I'm custumer and I wonder if there is group where costumers can publish their needs


this is what I need:

It gonna be the inside part of passport cover,
but this picture is from my camera and it have too many details for simple print. so i want to make the picture more simple.

I want to:

  1. make it on a clear white beckground, remove too small details
  2. make it only 4 basic colors - red, blue, green and brown. (the edge part around is another 3 lighter colors of green, blue and red)
  3. continue the texture on the white squere in the middle and make the white squer to disaphear.

how can i find someone who can do it?
thank you.
have a nice day.

Yuval Garfunkel.


To post a request like this on the main site, click this link - it should work if you are logged in to the site.


thank you!! seems like exactly what Im looking for. I gonna check it.