I'm damn good, yet no viewers. So how does Fiverr search engine work?


So I’m an expert Photoshopper and my work is really great. You can check it out at https://www.fiverr.com/velocigraphtor/do-a-custom-gta-loadscreen-cartoon-at-a-velocigraphtor-pace

It’s been a few days since my gig was posted. No one showed up…not even a single soul. Outside the freelancing community I am a hit, and my company, The VelociGraphtor does pretty well. But Fiverr seems like a place where only survival of the smartest prevails. I wonder what the search algorithm is, since I am getting zero traffic at my page. It is so damn frustrating. I want to do well. What would you friends suggest?


Keep sending offers in buyer requests. It will help you I hope :slight_smile:


Okay that has been a great help. Thank you brother… Do pray for me


Nice Work, GTA V … You do Logo Design?


Ofcourse I do :wink:


Yes I do ogo design as well, and will be making a gig soon enough this week


Let Go PM …:grinning:


Your current gig is targeted towards a very narrow target audience and there are plenty of lvl 2 sellers offering the same service.
You said you do logo design so if you have a unique style or mad skills in that then you might get more traffic for that gig.


Thank you! That was pretty insightful. I’ll keep this in mind :slight_smile: Thanks a lot