I'm deactivating my account and going somewhere else


Why? Because my issue here I Never Received My Money From Fiverr still hasnt been solved. ****** . Anyone else have a similar thing happen to them? I would file a lawsuit but it wasnt enough money lost to go through with the hassle of court.

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Ohhh. Don’t give up try again and contact customer support again


I have way to many times. They keep giving me a revolving door of bullshit. They don’t even have a phone number so its useless.


Do you use any dubious VPNs or something?
There is a forum thread of a user who had Payoneer trouble too and got hacked it seems. If neither Fiverr nor Payoneer Support can help you, maybe look into that, just to make sure you haven´t been hacked, have a keylogger or anything,

If you want to check out this thread:


I dont think I was hacked. I can look into it but I dont think I was because my bank account hasnt had issues.


I would be pissed if I were you.


Some technical glitch is more probable, I guess and hope, I just wanted to mention it, to spare you more troubles, if it applies. Good luck either way to get it solved!


I am dude believe me. I never had trouble until now. The more I investigate fiverr online though the more I see people having issues with all different types of things. Its like its filled with bugs and glitches all the time.


But if you can stay a little longer, do stay a little longer to get your problem solved. Up to you though. I just would be pissed if I were you.


There are bugs and stuff, sure, but Fitrig is right, don´t give up too soon. I don´t even know how many tickets I sent to Customer Support until now since I joined last October :wink: but I´m doing fine and it´s worth to send a few tickets every now and then.
Plus, if you investigate online, you´ll find people posting their annoyances with just about every company. You mostly read the bad things, of course, people who are content usually don´t go and post about it, but those who aren´t, will.


I was content until now. Staying isnt a choice if I dont receive my funds. I never lost money before anywhere else.


Follow up with Payoneer. I have always had reasonable responses from there although if you don’t have an account it may be different. Ask customer support for a transaction number so you can give Payoneer a reference and include your Fiverr user name etc.


Thanks ill try that.


Just because someone remains silent when they have a problem that doesn´t always mean they are content. Sometimes it´s coz they just don´t want controversy and arguing or afraid of how some people might respond or losing their job. Not always the case but it is sometimes like that.


Yeah I see your point as well.


You´re certainly right with that, I meant it more in the sense that you will be hard pressed to find any bigger company about which there aren´t lots of complaints, both founded and unfounded, all over the internet.

I can understand Shawn if he wants to quit, but I´d not quit so soon, if I had been content until that one thing.
I gave up on 50€ once, a voucher I had bought, which ‘vanished’ between a payment company and Steam and after Support didn´t solve it for me right away, I got impatient and thought I´d only lose more time=money than the voucher was worth, so I just gave up.
But you can earn a lot of money on Fiverr over time, so it might be worth to try a little longer to sort this out.


Hey, Shawn!
Try Payoneer Live chat at around 12:30 AM GMT. At first, you will get the usual 'All agents are Busy" message, but refresh the page again and again and they will send you to a queue. After that, it may take up to 45 minutes to get you connected. Once connected, explain your situation in a polite manner and they will refund your money. If they ask for the transaction number (which they probably will), you can get int touch with Fiverr CS and ask them for it.


Yes, if he can stay a little longer until the problem gets solved it might be worth it and who knows he will get more customers if he keeps his gig alive.