Im Designing Arabic Typography Tshirt Design


Hi guys.

Im New at Fiverr, and since im new i willnt have much orders. so i was thinking to work together with other fiverr user.

for example , im designing Arabic Typography Tshirt Design, and i was thinking to contact Top Seller Tshirt Designer at fiverr and ask them to add new Gig to their Profile about Designing Arabic Typography Tshirt, where they can order this from me and sell it in their profile .

is it possible to do that ?does it against Fiverr Rules ?



The top seller could report you for spamming, because he/she never asked for your service, and you could get your messaging disabled.

The only acceptable reason to contact a Fiverr seller is if you want to buy something from them. Anything else would be spam.


You are seeking COLLABORATION on a platform that does not support it. Period!

So go through “Buyer’s Request” section daily until you hit a sale.