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I'm disappointed Buyer

I purchased a service and did not get what I wanted not even partially
The seller did not agree to cancel
Fiber does not answer me in any way even though I have contacted them several times
Is there anything I do not understand?
This is the first time something like this has happened to me and as a buyer quite a bit in fiber and as a recommender its disappointing, can anyone help? what should i do?


What is the issue your are facing? can you explain in details about the project and what you have got.

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You will not be disappointed. Fiverr will give a reply. You can share your problem in details

Thank You

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Believe me fiverr is one of the platform which keeps buyers on top irrespective of circumstances if you’ll go through forum you will probably see a lot of seller complaining that fiverr favors buyers over seller.
So best option is to get in touch with customer support.


First of all thank you for your quick response :slightly_smiling_face:
I asked a seller to make me a website, he got all the material and promised that work would be amazing and to my satisfaction
Only after 5 days sent me a draft and then I realized that his abilities are not as good as he presented
Of course after I told him my opinion he promised not to let me down and work on it and give me something amazing
And so he kept pulling me and promising until about 10 days had passed and until I lost my patience and asked to cancel
He objected to the cancellation and said he worked a lot on it, to the point I did not get anything, just a site to say the least bad and unusable
Then I see that the order was tagged as finished even though I asked Fiverr to cancel
And some of the messages I sent to Fiverr were not answered at all
Do not know what to do with it

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And one more thing, he only prepared 2 pages out of 8 and a few more elements that he had to do and did not perform
The 2 pages were terrible too

I’d say get in touch with Fiverr support. When you say: “just a site to say the least bad and unusable” How did he deliver the website to you?
Did he only supply the html files? Any hosting? etc?

Have you shared you thoughts (design sample) with the Freelancer what you are looking for. Sometimes communication is key to any successful project.

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tried to send message’s to Fiverr support but they didn’t answer me
i gave him access to my Wix account

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I didnt share with other freelancer but i had my old website i wanted to make it better but he did worse then my old one

what is disappointing is not the bad experiance with the seller(it is but it can happen) but that the fiverr team not answering my requested at all

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I have seen another Seller has given a bad rating about you, but don’t know, what is happing between both of you and who is the responsible for this. However, in Fiverr Clients gets more flexibility than Seller and this is True.

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Interesting, How can i see the seller feedback

Fiverr CS is a bit slow due to pandemic and takes a couple of days to respond. In some cases even 10+ days. Please don’t send them more messages, initial message/ticket is enough. All other messages will Only delay their reply as it will be sending your ticket again at the top of a pile.

Just wait for fiverr to respond now and look into your issue. Don’t forget to mention to them that your seller didn’t deliver as promised and sent you only 2 pages out of 8.


Thanks Maria…

Hello Firoz
The only bad feedback on me is the seller with talking about and its the only bad experience i had with Fiverr

I would say that poor communication is perhaps a little to blame here.
It is always important to make it “Totally Clear” What your expectations are, and how much time to deliver the project.

I would also say that in my experience, giving a cleat one or two pages is fine, as a draft and confirmation of the design and usability / functions. As the rest of the website would be modelled on the same.

As for the qualifications of the web-design / developer. Is a two tier task.
Best to agree on the design before the actual development of the website.

So there are a number of little signs this project was doomed to fail from the start.
However this is the impression I got from what you have said…

As for Fiver CS, Indeed remember it is a more testing time and people are also working remote! Not to mention it s the weekend :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry for this
Though I don’t have idea about what you requested from me
I am a writer

Appreciate you mate!

You may cancel within 14 days of the fund clearance period if you can hearing to the CS :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

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