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I'm Doing Book Reviews!


Hey there, authors and writers alike!

Do you have a novel you want to sell? Are you trying to get the public to buy it? Well, I can help you do just that and give you an edge in the book industry! For $5, I will write a persuasive, positive, and unforgettable book review that will make people want to buy it.

I will post the review on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, and wherever else you want me to post it, as long as I can post it there (some websites don’t allow unverified users to review products).

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Just some basic, unsolicited advice. Chose your wording most carefully for this gig, or Fiverr will delete it.

Why? Because some of the marketplaces where you suggest that you will post those reviews don’t like them. And they let Fiverr know it when they spot a connection. It is possible - not ALWAYS the case - but still possible that your promise of posting a “persuasive, positive, and unforgettable book review that will make people want to buy it-” could cause their customers to make bad buying decisions. It is almost like saying, “Let me write a FAKE review of your silly book to hlep you fool some gullible customers into buying it even if they didn’t plan to.” Sure, you might also help good books get more looks, too, but if the positivity of the review is promised in advance, then who can trust it?

Yes, that sounds mean, and I trust that is not what you intend to do. But if it can be even interpreted that you are offering such a gig, then it could lead to trouble. If book sales sites even SUSPECT that that is what you are doing, they could take action against you, the author or Fiverr.

The key is to make your offer of reviews honest. Actually read the books, even buy them from the place you post the review. No one can tell you where to draw the line on “positivity” (a.k.a. puffery in advertising lingo) versus brutal honesty.

When you can’t honestly say that the book is good, then you might be OK saying lesser but accurate comments, such as “this author really seems interested in the subject, and I look forward to their next release…,” etc.