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I'm done

I’ve been here dunno how long… Got really excited when I started getting gigs. Had one, good gig, but then Fiverr and Paypal took their fees.

Then I got a buyer TWICE who a. asked me to break Fiverr’s terms of service AND Second Life’s terms of service.

Obviously didn’t read the requirements and what I needed from him to do the gig. All this for a measly 3.96 when all is said and done? Forget it.

Got another one who obviously doesn’t speak english and wants me to do homework for them.

I’m done, deleted my gigs, put myself on vacation and probably won’t come back.

Bye, then.

Did you suffer a PP dispute or do you just want to be mourned for your passing?

The way you say that you won’t come back makes it seems like it’s Fiverr’s loss. 2 reviews? I think everyone will do fine.

They’ve gone. It was a classic egoistic flounce post. It’s really not difficult to just pack your bags and leave quietly for a more fruitful venture, especially when nobody knows you (and correspondingly doesn’t care).

NOooooooooooooo pls come back you offered so much…oh sorry I thought you were someone else, my bad, have fun on vacation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quitters can’t be winners and winners can’t be quitters.

How terrible to get two sales in four years and the stress from those two sales is too much to handle. I do like this dramatic exit to a long career though which ultimately proved to be taking too much of a toll.

LMAO two sales in 4 years, wow I didn’t bother to look that far into it, give this person a perseverance badge at least! :stuck_out_tongue:

And from what he said both were the same buyer. It was all too much.