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I'm enjoying Fiverr, BUT

I’m searching for someone to design my book cover. How can I take a seller seriously when they show works by other people in their Gig ads. So many sellers are showing works by the likes of James Patterson in their galleries.

Am I to understand that these sellers, designed the cover for these famous authors books.

Surely their portfolio (gigs they did for buyers) shows their work for that client.

Search Pixel Studio. I make my other income from writing novels and self-publishing. Easily my favorite book cover designer co. on Fiverr. The only one I use.

Reply to @steveeyes: That is what you’d expect Steve, but I’m not sure that’s the case.

A few sellers got shirty when we asked for a low-quality mock-up to show us they were capable of doing the work! One even sent us work copied straight off google images.

Anyway, I requested a Gig, and found a seller who provided a sample of the work we requested and we’re happy now :slight_smile:

Not only will he get all future book cover Gigs from us, he’ll also get a mention in the books we create, so all’s good in the end :slight_smile:

Reply to @edwriter: Thank you for taking the time to reply. I always respect the recommendations of others over trial and error. I will certainly give your guy a look in for future design.

This is the guy we’re going with:

Good communications which is always a bonus in my book :slight_smile: