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I'm extremely worried what should I do now


I’m a level two seller last 10 month I got order every day and everything was perfect but suddenly last 17 days I can’t get any order but my gig is on first page and click impression all okay…then what’s the reason why the order stopped?I’m so frustated what should I do now?

Check my gig :

Hi Hazirabegum,

If your impression, click and view is high…, then you failed convince buyer to order from you.

As today…, there are so many competitor with same service as you do with cheaper price…,

You should add something unique to your service…,
For example, Logo Design…, What kind logo design you are best for?
Minimalism? Monogram? for e-sport? Business Marketing?

Just my opinion…,

Wish you luck :slight_smile:


It’s enough to get concerned. Sometimes it’s not just enough being on the front page. Do consider some of these and see if there’s an action you may need to take.

Was they a change of position of your gig in the front page–from up to down? Such can affect.

Did your gig just move closed to other gigs offering the same value like you at same price but have better star-rating than you?

And also very important, what was the nature of the last buyer review(s) on your gig? Could it be deterring potential buyers. Clients don’t often scroll down for more review, majority tend to judge from the few on first display. So what these say about your gig matters.

If you fall short in any of these, you may consider doing an appropriate fix.

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It’s enough to get involved. every so often it’s no longer simply enough being on the front page. Do take into account a number of those and notice if there’s an emotion you may want to take.

Were they a trade of role of your gig inside the front web page–from up to down? Such can have an effect on.

Did your gig simply flow closed to different gigs imparting the identical fee such as you at an equal price but have better star-score than you?And also very important, what became the nature of the last customer evaluate(s) for your gig? should it’s deterring potential shoppers. customers don’t regularly scroll down for extra assessment, the majority generally tend to judge from the few on the first display. So what those say about your gig topics.

if you fall short in any of those, you can don’t forget doing the proper restoration.

Exactly same situation with me.
Everything was perfect from last 10 months.And I am also on first page with daily impressions,views and clicks but not getting new sales.
One thing more.I have not edited my main gig from last 1.5 years.

Thanks for feedback…

You’re most welcome…