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I'm facing an issue with my Buyer

Buyer is not willing to accept the order and saying that won’t pay for the complete work and I still have 10 hours to submit the work
what should I do ?

please blur your buyer user name .
fiverr not support it.

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I removed the Picture bro

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From what I can see on your screenshot, does the buyer say you’ve added something he didn’t want and that wasn’t part of the order?

What I see is that he send one file to buyer and the buyer didn’t like it, and she wanted to stop and cancel, but he sent all the files and wants to be paid for them, claiming he made them before she posted that she doesn’t like the first outcome. In this case, the screenshot is proving that the buyer is right.

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No I Did each and everything according the Guidelines that the buyer provided. He just says now that he doesn’t want it hee needed it urgent so he had someone else to do it but still my order has 8 more hours to complete it

In your screenshot, it is clear that you did extra work before she confirmed the first delivery is ok. She is saying that she never asks you to work on the next screen, and you are claiming you finished them before she said she doesn’t like the first one. In this case, she has the full right. She doesn’t have to pay for something she did not approve of?

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I sent the File Buyer liked it And then right after that I went off to sleep and he was messaging for changes but I couldn’t respond for 4 to 5 hours so he sent a last text don’t work on the picture which I had completed before going to sleep
now this is the only issue he is saying that he told me not to work but I had the work done before that just it took some time to send the second picture but first one was already delivered A

He Confirmed the first Delivery was okay he liked it

See After Completed first screen See our conversation he was confirming details for the second screen and order was for both of the 2 screens

No not all I did everything according to the books the only claim he makes is that I haven’t responded to him for 4 to 5 hours and he hired other people for the work during an ongoing project

How many of us have played the game of working out the buyer’s name from all the bits of the jigsaw that are visible? I have.


I didn’t quite understand what you’re trying to say?

It is still possible to work out the buyer’s name form all the different ways you try to hide the name!

Oh, Okay yeah it’s possible i guess

I solved the puzzle!

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I did it with just the first image, and I used what is visible from the letters plus profile colors. I just went through 5 pages of users to find him :slight_smile: and came back to see more clues, all reveling :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Can you please Guide me what Should I do with this Buyer?

If a person hires me for a job I’m going to do what was stated in the requirements and paid for, nothing more nothing less.

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I did everything According to the requirements