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Im feeling overwhelmed : (

just a few days ago I was feeling down about not getting any sales for a few days;

Now I got a sale from a returning client (done), a localization, an ongoing transcription project and an SQL database to translate…

That’s freelancing for you, if you are not underworked, you are overworked. And if I try to rest, I feel guilty because I am not working : (

My hands hurt…

my back hurts too…


Isn’t that the way the :cookie: crumbles in freelancing! :smiley:


is just this transcription job that is killing me.

I cant download the videos, so I’m doing it old style;

video player open and good old Word…

Man, that makes the job sooo much harder than it needs to be :confounded:

At least the pay and deadlines are reasonable. :man_shrugging:t4:


Freelancers are rarely overworked. You’re working from home! You can increase your prices, delivery dates, even ask buyers for extensions.

With full-time jobs, you might have to come on Saturday and Sunday, and they won’t pay you extra if you’re a salary employee. I know one advertising agency that was investigated by the Department of Labor, they were making people work 9 to 9 too many times a week, and someone had the audacity to complain.

My suggestion to all freelancers is find a part-time or a full-time job if you aren’t making enough. There’s also freelancing opportunities for dog walkers, I’ve been thinking about that. I just hate the application, they want us to provide references and other nonsense.


And that’s when I realized, at 2am on a Monday morning, that @fastcopywriter was possibly from the same parallel universe as @paulmaplesden and his ‘breath of fresh air’ sane forum people.

Now, back to hoping I don’t die before I have to deliver my next order in 3-hours. :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried transcription once because I knew someone on Fiverr who did it the old-fashioned way and she was overwhelmed with orders. She said her clients liked it done manually by someone who could also write it with punctuation and use the grammar that matched the audio. (Sometimes that meant incorrect grammar but written true to the audio.) She was making a ton of money so she outsourced a few jobs to me and taught me how to use software to quickly pause and resume the audio while typing word-for-word. I found it very difficult work. I decided to do my own gig for it with pricing that made it worth it. I was consistently busy once I had some regulars and it was definitely a cash cow. The only problem was that I hated it. I eventually stopped in spite of the money, but I think I could have raised my prices without losing many buyers.

For the people who can stand to do it and have the skills to transcribe really well, I think it’s a gold mine. Your back feels like you’ve literally been shoveling metal for a few hours! I guess I would do it again if I needed money really badly. (Hint hint to those who want a money maker, can type super fast and have a really good ear. There are buyers out there who will pay plenty for that service.)

Good luck @richardfmendes!


Hi Richard:

What is a localization? And CONGRATS on your jobs!:fu:


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I did Transcription on Crowdsurf, but they pay you a pittance there. Do you think there are more opportunities on Fiverr?

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I feel the pain. I actually felt so much pain in my back from sitting too much that I couldn’t sit anymore. Now I stand to work, and occasionally sit for 30 minute stretches. Speaking of stretching… yeah, that stuff, and planks and pushups, and bike riding… but I do all the fitness stuff in micro doses, lol. Cause yeah, underworked until 20 or so reviews, then the orders started rolling in, now its all I can do to keep up…

1k+ reviews, and rarely overworked? Damn… you must really be fast! pretty sure that statement mostly relates to your personal experience.

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I suspect the worlds we dwell in are fairly different…


buahahahah :rofl: I was kinda thinking the same thing, tbh

Then again, your different worlds could be in the same parallel universe! :exploding_head:


Audio transcription is extremely hard. You need great hearing, an ability to understand different accents, slurred speech, etc. I suppose software can help, but what happens if the software misses a key word? I don’t think the client would be happy unless the seller finds that mistake before it’s too late.

I was getting 5 to 15 orders a day and I’ve been here since Jan 2013. Also, my total number of reviews is 4,354, not 1k, not that I blame you. Fiverr changed things so anyone with more than 1,000 reviews becomes 1k. I suspect this is one of the reasons I’m not getting as many sales as I used to get.

If we’re all 1k, how can a 4k seller stand out against a 2k seller? He can’t.

By software I mean express Scribe,

Its not a audio to text capture software its bassicaly an audio/ video playes with an integrated text edittor and a few extras,

Im still doing all the interpretation

but god lords it makes things so much easyer.

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I really dont mind it, but in these conditions…

I dont know if it is a gold mine, there is people charging $5 for 15 minutes,

when I subtitle, i ask for $1 per minute…


I am localizing a small game,

translating it to portuguese.

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What is the address to your gig profile? It’s not in your forum profile.

The localization is not on Fiverr, it is a direct customer, i dont have a localization gig yet…

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I just wanted to see your profile anyway. You know you can put your link into your profile here at the forum. It will then show when people click on your avatar here. That way forum users can view your gig profile. Many forum members don’t have their link here, so no one from the forums can visit their gigs, unless they share the link sometimes in the appropriate discussion.

I find sometimes when I am actually looking to purchase gigs, perusing the fodder, that I get one or two messages during that time from perspective clients. It’s really weird, because I don’t normally get that many messages otherwise.

Any change in the statistics? Impressions / views?