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I'm feeling so sad. help to improve my gigs

I free now I’m finished because I can’t send an offer on buyer request. now my average rating is 4.2. a client gives me 2.7 ratings. It lows my profile positive rating. I try to make it up by take 2 orders from friends but reach just 4.2 after I calculate it required 2 more orders with 5 stars.
:frowning: What should I do now?

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So you got 1 legitimate sale, your delivery wasn’t any good and got a negative review, then proceeded to ask two of your buddies to purchase your gig and offer fake 5 star reviews, and you are disappointed that you no longer have access to the BR section?

You should quit Fiverr before they ban you, that way when/if you get better at what you claim you do, you can get another shot at it.

EDIT: Can we get a new forum feature where we can report people straight to CS?
Just today I found at least 5 people admitting to gaming the system and it’s currently taking too long to report each and everyone. This is time well spent though. Make no mistake.


That’s a great idea. It’s disheartening how many of these are about major rule violations.

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Still we’d need some fail safe measures.

Right now flagging someone’s posts only takes one click.

So it would be tempting for people to abuse this feature and overwhelm CS. Maybe only mods could do so?

I remember a fun little fellow flagging my posts repeatedly. He’s no longer a Fiverr member sadly…

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Yes I too remember a fun little fellow like that. What a creep.