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I'm finally at 4.8


Getting demoted from TRS was hard, and I was afraid I would be demoted again. For the longest time the 4.7 didn’t budge no matter how many positive reviews I got.

Today it’s finally at 4.8.

I still hate the new system. St. Level’s? Give me a break. But I’ll give credit when credit is due.


And so it came to pass that even the most hardened of heart came to be a believer in the Feast of St. Level.
In the words of @socalchrist - Praise Be!


This is when you start praying. One negative review and it’s back to hell for you.


LOL, I’m not quite Saul on the road to Damascus yet. I’ll be praising Holy Fiverr when I’m once again elevated to TRS.


That’s great. I can’t understand the percentage system. I don’t know what percentage goes up by 1 or goes down by 1 every time. That’s what’s been happening to my account. Each time I deliver on time, it goes up by 1%. Ditto when I’m late. Every single time. I’ve been at 86% for on time deliver and was demoted last St. Levels Day to level 1. Problem is, my gigs aren’t small gigs that get completed in one day like many others. I write novels. Only so many can be written in a month to push up the ratings so once again, I do believe the fiverr system is designed for the $5, 24 hour turn around gigs. Others of us are royally screwed with these larger gigs. We make good money but punished because our gigs are a bitter different.


Congratulations! Only a few more weeks till the next one…

Slightly Off Topic

I think that the new system needs some fine-tuning. I completely understand that Fiverr, as a company, wants to be able to monitor the levels because before-- once you reached a level, it was yours to keep. Personally, I think that having one evaluation every month is kind of outrageous because, as others have said, so much can happen in a short period of time.


(The only reason I’m bringing this up now is because I missed the big conversations when Fiverr first announced this)


Braden!! Stop!! I have almost converted Fastcopywriter and you are going to bring him right back back down again!!


I deliver in 3 days, usually 2 since I like giving the buyer 24-hours to complain. Your situation is quite unique. Rating wise you’re doing great, I see 5.0 all over the place.

Your $20 gig might be the one that could elevate your 86% since that one is delivered in 4 days (basic). Not to mention that every time someone new places an order or sends a message, a response must be given, even if it’s to say no.


Well, it’s being realistic. With my larger gigs, I get screwed should something go wrong with one order. I’ve about 3 novels of 40K words and up to write and one false move and I don’t even know where I will be.


You didn’t let me finish! St. Level’s Day is also amazing because for awhile I was unmotivated to keep up things like % completed and % delivered on time because it didn’t use to matter, but now that things are at stake it makes me push to be the best seller I can be. I think that St. Level’s Day is a really good idea, there are just some things that can be improved so it isn’t hacking away at seller’s livelihoods.


I have 97% rating for everything and my gigs always get 5-star reviews. I am not concerned about that. The problem is that I am coming from a 60% on time delivery. Before Fiverr came with the Levels days, I did not so much watch my on-time delivery because the clients didn’t care. Fiverr has gigs for only 30 days in length. The problem is when you have 3 orders of a 50k word novel, plus 8 plots to write, some will end up being late. The clients didn’t mind because I usually tell them my workload but they say they don’t care, they just want me to write their books and not looking elsewhere. So, I kind of went along with that for a long time. I’ve been working to get it up since the new system came into play and now it’s 86% but not sure what will happen, if I will get there before February 14. I’m also losing revenue because whereas clients let me know they can wait and put in their orders just the same, now I have to turn them away just to keep a on-time delivery. It’s really sad.


I’m losing like crazy because I have to be turning clients away as a result of the 30 day window. I got 3 buyers interested today and will have to end up turning them away.


@bradencollins10 @shashanewallace
I totally get that it is not a perfect system - that is clear.
There is a lot of work to be done for them to improve it including things like “some types of cancellations shouldn’t affect the rate”, “When messages are reported as spam they shouldnt be counted” and lots of others. I would actually like to see a 2 strike system where if you got below the requirements on 2 things, then you are demoted, if you fail on 1 thing then you have to fix it by the following month. I don’t think there is any benefit to people yo-yo-ing from level to level every single month.

Also, @shashanewallace Fiverr is very much in a transition period moving away from the focus on micro-gigs towards a more full-scale freelancer platform. Those who focus on larger gigs seem to be favored at the moment in a number of areas but when it comes to these assessments then they are at a disadvantage. I expect Fiverr to work on that and find a solution.

In the meantime, consider trying to find a way to offer a micro version of your service to get a couple of extra small orders which would help you tick the boxes. I have a client who regularly orders $5-10 translations a couple of times a week. It is a pain and not what I want to focus on but it is worth it for the extra order count - he doesn’t even leave reviews as it is a translation agency.


That’s the thing. It’s counterproductive to be moving away from the $5 small gig system but coming up with a new system that perpetuates the very thing you are shying from. I make a lot of noise about it, (when I have the time to get on here), in hopes that maybe one day they will listen. I’ve been on several freelancing platforms and all have been through their changes. The changes usually start rough but then they usually revise the changes somewhat to make it more plausible. I am sitting over here, keeping my fingers crossed that fiverr won’t just settle with this system.

I’m all for it, really. Something should be there to keep us on our toes, but I think quarterly would make more sense. The last time I pointed out the unique nature of certain jobs done on a freelancing site, changes were made. Hopefully some refinements are done here.


Good, just keep pushing, may be your batch will be returned on the next evaluation


The only motivation I ever needed was making money and getting paid. That’s it. St. Level’s does not motivate me, instead it scares me. I deleted 3 gigs to avoid bad reviews. What I refer to as “subjective gigs.”

For example, I no longer write LInkedIn Summaries, I decided it’s not worth it. I was selling a simple summary of the buyer’s LinkedIn Account. “Hannibal Lector is an award-winning psychiatrist with a passion for nouveaux cuisine and fine living…, etc.” About 250 to 500 words of that. Then I started getting bad reviews because buyers don’t read the gig description and are expecting a “creative summary.”

Before St. Level’s, I didn’t care. I would argue with buyers, I would try to find ways to lower my refund rates. Now I can’t afford to have any problem gigs. See? Now it’s not about making money, it’s about 4.8, 90%. If it means making less money to meet those standards, that’s the prize we pay.

Motivating? I don’t think so.


That is completely understandable. For me, making money on Fiverr wasn’t as important because I don’t have much I need to buy or bills to pay because I am still a teenager-- which I am very grateful to be. I guess what I was trying to say earlier is that there weren’t any consequences, but now that they are in a way it is more of a motivation drawn in by fright (if that makes any sense).


Yes! This totally explains my plight. Instead of accepting orders now from interested clients (and these are $500 and $700 orders), I have to tell the client I can’t and have to wait because I don’t want to ruin my on-time delivery. I have many repeat sellers now who I suspect are a bit disgruntled because they have been waiting for me to send them custom orders but I simply can’t until my on-time delivery is up to par.


What you can do is send a 14-day custom offer or you can limit orders in queue so people click “notify me” instead of ordering or messaging.


These are 50,000 word books. Usually clients contact me before ordering because it’s a lot of money and they want to ensure I can do it. So, I don’t really have a problem getting unexpected orders on that gig. Problem is, before, I could explain the situation to a buyer (that I’ve a book working on now that’s due until 2 weeks or three weeks). Usually, they want to place the order just the same and give me a time they can work with. But, sometimes we agree on a time that will then extend beyond the 30 days window. Before, it didn’t matter to me and we would go along with the project and it would run late in fiverr’s eyes but because the client and I discussed, they know when to expect it. I cannot do that anymore, which means I’ve to tell them to wait three weeks until I finish this project. Sometimes, they are not bother interested if they have to wait that long. I mean, I’ve 60% on-time delivery but not one negative complaint in my reviews. Always 5-stars. I’m good at communicating with my clients and being upfront with them. I wish I had that freedom to transact business with these clients as usual.