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I'm finally starting to ignore some messages I get

I just answered a question from someone asking if I cast spells to make someone taller with the word no. Now he is asking me to recommend someone to do that.

I’ve had a wanna be cop, someone who spends his life going from one police department in one city to another one in another city applying for a job, messaging me periodically for years. These people never ask one or two questions and go away. They continue on asking over time, so that I have to continue to read things that were annoying enough the first time.

Should I block them? It’s not a situation where Trust and Safety needs to check them, I just want them to not message me again. I’m not sure if it’s allowed to block someone simply for being annoying.

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If you told them not to contact you then yes.

I use the basic gig for consultation so if they wish to discuss their website with me then I ask them to pay for my time. Usually they disappear and if they don’t then I block them.


You can recommend me to help that buyer. I can’t cast a spell to make them taller, but I can send them plans to cast some iron shoes that will make them taller.


My understanding is that you can mark the message as “spam” and that would effectively alert CS of the problem. Let them take care of it from there. If you mark a message as span, it does NOT count towards your response rate if you don’t reply.

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Think it’s perfectly legitimate to block someone for whatever reason you want. You don’t want them contacting you, that’s up to you

On a side note, and I hope you really don’t take this the wrong way, if I buy your gig, can I actually get a love spell to work on someone who would probably have zero interest in me or is it if there’s some mutual attraction? That might be interesting to try. Or am I misreading your gig? :open_mouth:


That’s not only one for my private message inbox and not the forum, but also one that in my present mood I would want to ignore.

Sorry, was just curious, never actually heard of stuff like this before.

Apologies for any offence.

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I think you did the exact thing
I would do the same

Yes, messages can be ignored safely if they seem like they don’t deserve a reply. Response rate goes down even if you answer all messages, so there’s little difference.

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That’s funny…Making someone taller… Don’t block them. When you read such a funny message especially on a busy and boring day, you can at least laugh.
I spend most of my time watching online pranks. I also go through my phone messages to search for funny ones.

I don’t think there is a way to block someone to inbox you, I’m might be wrong but i would like to have this option.

I think the response rating only applies to the first answer. I believe you could just ignore them after that. Does anyone know for sure?

I think you’re correct about the response rate, but if she ignores them, they might complain to Customer Support.


For what though? As long as they haven’t ordered anything, they have no right to expect a reply.