I'm finding out how hard it is to be a buyer here


To be completely honest… At this point I would have given up on fiverr.
I’m trying to get some virtual assistant work done and I’ve got every Joe , Dick , and Harry trying to hit me with their best offers…

And here are some of those offers:

“Hi,I Will to work with that task and ism professionwl in my work”

“Hi sir , I will do this work properly and provide you by time. thanks”

“i can”

… Sure the rest are decent… but the real problem here is I’ve spoken with at least 5 people and if they didn’t bail on me before placing the order … they simply lied to me to get the order placed… then wasted my time for 2-3 days and tried to cancel by lying about some technical problem they’ve had.

I mean … really … there are so many improvements that need to be made here… It’s no wonder things have been wobbly lately. We need to improve the buyer/seller relationship and the buyer experience as well as the seller experience… I liked everything much better in 2.0 with how it all looked and the rating system and everything. The only positive change in a while has been the additional options upon cancelling to allow us to extend the timer and this new forum (maybe)… Did I miss something? Gig metadata and more extras , gig packages? But did this help anyone or make it harder? Its arguably both. This is basically just a rant to say …

If you can’t properly perform the task asked in a buyer’s request… Don’t answer that thing man!!


I can totally understand why I see some really pissed off buyers requests now

– Check this out though…
This one guy cancelled on me telling me his IP server went down and he couldnt get on it to perform my task… So he links me the VPN site he uses… Well … I just happen to be the face of one of the most popular review sites for such VPN services… So … he linked me a site that I had a video review already done for … and I linked it back to him … I told him that service was EXCELLENT and he could watch my 10 minute review video where I installed the VPN , tested it , and gave a detailed review…

He basically tucked his tail between his legs and began to tell me that I shouldnt call him a liar…
I ended by telling him he better run far away from my buyer’s requests next time because I just love to tell fiverr support about when I’m being dicked around on this platform… I havent heard from him again.

So annoying though… I get it … people are trying to start up… and I wanted to give a 0 star review guy a chance with such a simple task… But they basically just lied to me when they couldnt do it.



Why not give the chance to someone with a good/hefty amount of reviews just as a protection to prevent your experience from being ruined? :slight_smile:


If you want it done right without going through this I agree that you should select someone with lots of great reviews.


Buyer request is indeed disappointing…
When I need something done, I do an extensive search myself, and find the one and only seller how fits to that specific project. Can’t get lazy if you want quality results :slight_smile:


Right on! Most of the people responding to buyer requests are newer sellers. I’m busy enough with repeat buyers I rarely have time to glance at them anymore. Also just like there are plenty of “just OK” sellers, tons of the buyer requests are from people who just want cheap, and don’t explore the category where those services are provided.

It does go both ways.

@videostore: Most experienced sellers don’t waste their time picking through 50 requests to occasionally find a gig request that fits their skill set, only to find the buyer wants everything for $5.

Most of the highly qualified/experienced sellers don’t hang out in the buyer request area, waiting for one or two great buyers who appreciate their efforts. They are busy serving existing clients, plus enhancing their skills so their existing buyers will recommend them to others.

You are not a beginner, how much time do you spend there these days?


Oh wow! I have experienced the ‘accept and cancel 2 days later’ 3 separate times when trying to purchase a gig. One guy even tried to deliver an empty order - the delivery message stated “technical issues”. I have $5 in my account that i cant seem to spend!!!

I find it shocking that buyers have to weed through this garbage, and its no wonder people aren’t so willing to take a chance on new sellers.

I am a level 2 seller and Im starting to make some serious cash on this site. I take it seriously and offer excellent communication and customer service.


[details=i can][quote=“videostore, post:1, topic:106070”]
“i can”

Pick Obama, he has lots of free time now to work for you.[/details]
You say ‘Sure the rest are decent’, what roughly was your time-waster : decent ratio?


Cause I started from the ground up. After tonight , I simply can’t recommend this platform anymore.


I have had amazing sellers here, in particular a designer who does such fantastic work and usually it’s for less than $20.
He is a true artist and professional. He always has at least 25 orders in his queue.

If you run across someone who is incredibly popular with glowing reviews, that is the one to hire. It takes some looking around.

It might be harder to find a good virtual assistant here.


I wonder if there is a gig I can buy for emotional support so save me from posting my next rant that may get me banned. I’m about done with CS on fiverr to the point where I’d cash out right now if I could. Absolutely 100% done with this place mentally. I’m like … totally out of nice with this place. Done with the people who can’t read… its terrible… terrible place it’s becoming here… on both ends really. Hell , I didn’t know it was this bad on the buyer’s end. Sorry I’m super mad… but I have all the right to be so mad right now. To sum it up , the first experience I’ve had of fiverr siding with a big spender simply because they are a big spender (supposedly) … even to the point of this being blatantly wrong. I don’t know how they could mess this up… I mean … they’ve been this bad before… But somehow I thought we were past this phase… right when they all got those new profile pictures… it got bad…I digress… Words cannot describe how I feel right now , I can tell you that.

For anyone who cares , don’t. Cause it doesnt pay here.


Hm? :confused:


I am sympathetic and I get frustrated too sometimes. I have stories that would make your hair stand on end but I know it’s called life. It’s going to happen not just here but routinely throughout life where things go terribly wrong over and over again. This is just a version of the business world that lets anyone set up gigs and some get it right and some get it terribly wrong. Yes it is maddening at times. This is a huge business that gets bigger all the time and it’s not easy to deal with millions of people from all over the world, all trying to do business with each other.

I hope you stick around because you are a pleasure to see on the forums. Take a break and come back.

If you need to rant more you can send me a private message. I’m a good listener.


You’re such a sweetheart. I wont bother you with it… I’ve decided to just give them a piece of my mind and if I’m here tomorrow then so be it… All I know is , when one door closes … another one opens for me … quickly… And I just so happen to have a huge hallway ahead of me… Thanks though. Really. I may reach out to you at some point. But I doubt it will be to rant =) I’ve got something I wouldn’t mind picking your brain about… (eww why do people use that phrase?)

@miiila – Ehh… I’ll just say … I think I felt the “Shift” when a whole slew of sub-par staffers were hired to handle the support desk. It had something to do with the time period around the new profile picture “makeovers” Just a hunch… Seems like English became their third language all of a sudden… or it’s AI … I don’t know… It’s hit and miss… but when you just get canned responses … you start to get kinda pissed off… =/


Oh, I didn’t need CS in quite a while now.

I agree with Miss Crystal’s post up there completely, don’t let it get to you, but I know, easier said than done…I hope to still/again see posts by you in the forum.


I am really confused by your post.
Firstly, it really is good for other sellers to hear this from someone they know from the forum. Often a buyer who complains on here is seen to “probably deserve it”, “must have been an unreasonable buyer” etc.
The reality is completely different.
Many buyers have awful experiences with incompetence and deceit etc. and this affects how they deal with other sellers. I can imagine that the next time you hire someone, you will do so with at least some cynicism and perhaps ask for some communication, samples, proof of competence etc. Unfortunately, most experienced sellers will see this as a red flag and so they will not want to work with you. There are many forum posts advising exactly this approach from sellers. This leaves you with no option but to go for yet another desperado who will take any job they can get and worry about whether they can do it after the order is placed. This results in a descending spiral for the buyer who then absolutely loses it when they once again have a bad experience.
My advice for decent sellers is to try be a little understanding of buyers who have had bad experiences. I know some of my regulars had bad experiences before and by showing the slightest hint of competence, they have latched on and come to me with anything remotely related to what I do. These people can become your best buyers and all it takes it a little patience and TLC in the beginning.

Now, the reason I am confused - as a regular forum user why would you use buyer requests when the forum is full of posts about how useless it is to get sellers? To top it off, you even go for sellers with no track record! Surely you must have known you were taking a chance? Unless the newbies were giving you a good reason to choose them instead of others then why gamble? If you want to be charitable then give to charities who are accountable not to anonymous website users.
When it came to the point of actually needing it done, why not use the search function, choose a seller with good ratings and “get sh1t done”.


I defnilty don’t agree with what is being said above about the choice of a fully loaded star lad and a newbie, sorry.
When you look around, many users (veteran for some) agree to say that at the end of the day you get what you have paid for, a $5 gig, though if you promise quality then it must have some qualities, however, I ve worked in the past with people who do not have 5 stars or not many sales and was entirely happy with them.

Again, whatever says a site, you must be carefull about the seller you choose and this is not only for Fivver, in all businesses and most of the time first contact is making 90% of the job, IF you feel that the first contact was not good enough, flee then, what can you expect afterwards?


I know I’m going to get flogged by many, but I actually like buyer’s request. I’ve had mixed results. There are times where I find zero and then there are times I hire and get bad results. There are even times when I find more than one great seller.

I found two virtual assistants - One in Pakistan and One in China - both did great work for me. I wanted the seller to live in the country that I was researching. TBH, I was looking for five V.A. in five different countries but only found two great and one good; so it’s 60% average.

Since there is no way to search by country, it was easier than clicking each gig hundreds of time.

Like I said, it’s touch and go!!


hi, May I ask what countries you are looking for?


Good film makers aren’t always competent writers/spellers/typists, so I’d check the person’s reviews and look for samples if writing is not what the person offers to do.

If you’re getting that kind of replies from alleged writers, of course, you should ignore them and hire me!