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I'm forming partnerships with other Sellers

Hi all,

If you do photoshop, banner ads, logos etc I’m forming partnerships with other sellers where I refer people to your gigs if you refer people back to mine.

I have a unique way of doing it. If you are in these categories message me and I can explain further.

Kind Regards,

If you refer people to sellers who sell them something they don’t like, they can get mad at you.

I’m not so sure if that’s a good idea. There are many variables when it comes to collaborating with others in the same field. Sellers can take advantage of other sellers, and in the end, somebody loses.

I’m confident my gig is the only one of its type on Fiverr. It’s a perfect addon to any logo, banner etc.

I vet people first

You have like 20 gigs. Which gig is it? Most of them are not unique.

As a marketer, I would not join forces with you, since you haven’t shown me a single benefit–not even enough to entice me to message you.

Go back to the drawing board, mate. And I tend to agree with everyone else here, Fiverr’s not built for seller collaboration yet. What is your vetting process? What exact benefits do I get joining a partnership with you that I won’t with anyone else? What happens if a joint project goes wrong?

Where’s your quality assurance, apart from you vetting others?

I’ve tried referring clients to other sellers a few times and it has not worked out well.
They don’t like what they got even though I know exactly the top quality the seller delivers and they come back to me and complain.

With all due respect, you must have missed my opening sentence “If you do photoshop, banner ads, logos” at that point you should have said in your mind “well that’s not me and moved on from this thread because it was not intended for you.”

So, you won’t answer my questions then?

I’m not asking these questions for me: I’m asking them for “photoshop, banner ads, logos” people so you can clarify your position.

As you can see, the response has not largely been positive. So, I repeat my questions. They’re perfectly valid.

I would love to Associate with you … But unfortunately i offer only Voice Over Services… I hope you start associating with Voice over Services :slight_smile: as well… Ill be the First one to associate with you !