Im getting 3.92$ instead of 5$?


why do i get 3.92$ when i withdraw instead of 5$?


Yes, paypal fee is 2% but capped at 1$. So the best thing is to amass at least 50$ before cashing out.


@vix This is because Fiverr takes 20% = 1 usd

and the paypal fees, which amounts to your net profit of " $3.92cents"

Hope that clear’s the air for you.


Paypal presents the amount WITHOUT THEIR dedaction:

instead of “Fiverr send you 4$, minus our 2% commission = 3.92$”,

they LIE with “Fiverr send you 3.92$”, as if we were cheated!


ITs better not to withdraw money so fast, always prefer to withdraw month when you have some handsome amount or whenever need, Fiverr is one of the best plateform as we can draw money instantly from it, we dont have to wait for a week to receive our money.