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I'm getting a message from "UNDEFINED" in my inbox


Every day lately when I click on my inbox I get this. Undefined has an actual account here.

Usually my response rate drops from 100% to 98% around this time but I’m not sure if it’s related to this.

It’s not an actual message. I see it when I click on my inbox icon, instead of seeing my messages.

Does this happen to anyone else?


I received same message like that last week but don’t remember the user name. Also i wasn’t able to contact him. So don’t know if they contacted or is it a bug.


It happened to me. The worst thing is response rate drops.


Happens to me as well, even if on the message preview I’m able to see a couple of words of what seems to be a real message. As I open it, it turns to “undefined”.


This made my response rate to 50%. CS fixed it.
Still I find it annoying that I have to contact CS over and over again when it happens.


They need to ban the account of Undefined.


I had the same thing from someone telling me “My name is @%**^ I wish to request your friendship contact me. here…” and when i click it says the user can not be contacted … and I got a couple like that, another asking me to send them email and they gave the email saying “I have a business for you”, I reported the second one, but if these spammers’ messages can affect your response time, then that is not cool…