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I'm getting a message to review order requirements on an old order?


I got a notification to review the order requirements on an order that was completed and reviewed a month ago. It’s disconcerting to get this. Certainly as bugs go this one is harmless. Just makes me wonder why it happened… is something wrong with the order, why this one in particular… :thinking:


it might be a bug or maybe its the old notification which you are seeing now :wink:


It’s a new notification according to the time stamp on it, 26 minutes ago.

The site seems to think it’s a new order! Is it going to penalize me for not completing it on time? What’s next?


this can be a second order from that same buyer placed.
can you recheck this thing. if you are right then this is a bug indeed


There is no new order at all. The site is behaving as if this old completed order is new which, if the train of events continues, is going to be a disaster.


well then it is a bug if you haven’t received a new order


I also got the message sent to my email about it:

Worried about this!