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I'm getting crazy day after day :(


Hey guys , this is me ( LoL ) from FIVERR

i joined fiverr about 1 week ago and i didn’t make only my first sale :frowning: ! well

i make my link on all FIVERR Pages on Facebook , Twitter followers , Linkdin , and after about 5 days ,

Get choked lol , no one ordered my gig :frowning: , i give very special gigs and it’s perfect and professional

work , based on clients satisfaction !

So please if anyone have any tip that it worked for him i will appreciate the help please ,… and don’t

say " Publish on Webpages on facebook and other stuff , lol " . Thank you vry vry vry X100 much ^^


To be serious ?! i have a 2 years experience on Selling Source files for DELPHI / Visual Basic . NET ( Programming ) that i made from around 200 $ but the Buyers is very “extr” and the business getting low ! so i wondered if FIVERR Get me better Money :frowning: ! ^^ , and about twitter ! i twit it in around 30 or 35 page with FIVERR PROM ^:( and no rezults ^^ ! so :frowning: :frowning: :(: (


All the ways thanks for the advice ^^