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I'm getting more sales as a Level 1 seller


Since demotion, I fell back in the searches, like 1st to 5th page of ‘highest rated’

I am getting at least 12 inquiries throughout the day. 50% conversion rate on them. Attracted buyers from outside of Fiverr etc (had 15 sales on my new 24-hour gig)

Still not enough.


I have a theory.

These are all newer buyers. I appear as the highest rated level 1 seller. It looks like newer buyers seem to think that ‘Level 1’ is higher than ‘Level 2’ This is proven by the fact that in the days since my level went down, gig impressions doubled (300 to 600) despite falling further back in the searches…


I had the same theory a while back, with the same thinking that some buyers see L1 as being higher than other levels. And I’ve seen L1 sellers many times in my category doing a lot better than me as a TRS :smiley: :neutral_face:


I am confused here… Is it a moan or success story :confused:

Sorry or Congratulations…???

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So its better to remain in category of Level 1 sellers than Level 2. Yes, I am also getting more numbers of order and inquiries when I got my Level 1 badge.


I wouldn’t go back to Level 1. I did last year for one day when Fiverr decided to ruthlessly demote and I WAS suddenly flooded with $5 orders and requests.

The problem was that most buyers were the perpetual headache causing kind. i.e. They either prey purposefully on Level 1 people because they think they can get you to work like a donkey for buttons, or they really are a bit slow and think that Level 1 is higher than 2 and still expect you to work for buttons.

Give me the chance to take it slow with high-quality buyers over the fast road with the bottom feeders any day.



Have you ever considered that perhaps part of the problems you’re having is the type of buyers you’re getting?

Isn’t getting

10 - $20 clients who appreciate you, give you good reviews and tips better than the

40 - $5 clients who cancels on you, gives you bad reviews, PayPal chargeback, trashes you all over the internet and drives you to insanity?


I´ve read this on the forum, several times, I think, even in the Site Suggestions, with the plea to change the level names to something less confusing, from level 2 sellers, and I always thought as well that the level 1, level 2, TRS structure is confusing and not really intuitive and self-explanatory, especially for buyers who often won´t delve into the Fiverr explanatory pages, as we know from posts asking about this and that here (yeah, not only buyers, of course, don´t read and ask ;)).
In your specific situation, with the many reviews, that ‘theory’ obviously makes even much more sense. Looks as if you can count yourself blessed in that regard. :wink: I´d still agree with what everyone says, rather quality than quantity and more peace of mind. What you are doing would totally stress me out, but if you like how it is, including all the cancellations, forth and backs with buyers and CS talks, well, keep it up then. :four_leaf_clover:


If they change the names, they can wait 25 more days for me to get Level 2 back :stuck_out_tongue:

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Definitely this. I used to think as a buyer, Level 1 seller was likely amongst the highest. Level 2 sounds a bit insipid.

Better would have been to bronze, silver and gold it all.

With Pro now, there will be people who see that as the very best.