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I'm getting no orders anymore!

Hello! Actually I’m a new buyer and after I created my profile I got my first order about after a month and then after some time I started getting orders and got total of 6 orders. I was happy that now work is getting started and the number of orders will increase but now its been a week or two since I got my last order. I’m worried that why I’m not getting more orders. Even one of my GIG ranks on the first page. Please if anyone of you can help me??



Share your gig page and I’ll be happy to review it and let you know if anything is wrong. Thanks

Your Gig description is really lazy. You need to add more lines. Describe a bit more about what kind of effects you can do. What file formats you can deliver and any other information the buyer might find interesting. Also, mention you’re giving such competitive rates exclusively on Fiverr.

And immediately remove this line from your gig - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

This shows lack of confidence and setting yourself up for failure. If I’m a buyer why on Earth would I want my money back? I want good results and hence ordered your gig, I’m not looking to get my money back that just sounds really lack of confidence.

Make these changes and you can be sure orders would soon start coming through.

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Thanks a lot!! <3 I’m modifying it :slight_smile:

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me too , i don’t know why