I'm getting no sales! Please help me!




We cannot help you get sales. We can only give you advice, and then YOU can use that advice to “get more sales”.

My penny’s worth of advice… if you want more sales, you’re going to have to learn how to market and promote your gigs to the people who need your services. If you’re not reaching out to your target customers, then how are people going to know what you offer? Fiverr is not an easy-money website. It will require hours of hard work from you. Sales do not magically appear – you need to earn them by having a great eye-catching gig, reaching out to your customers, and delivering top-quality work that earns positive reviews.

YOU earn your sales. We do not give them to you.


I wish you all the best and I hope you make lots of sales soon…How long ago did you post your gig?


I think your gig images could be much more professional, especially when your services are photoshop based.


I have to agree with mabelma up there, there are SO many Photoshop service available now, you really need to show your best work.
Sorry if I’m sounding harsh, but your images are not that impressive.
You might want to spice it up a bit more!


My profile is not getting displayed in public. Can you please tell me the possible reasons and how to rectify?


The problem is that there are more sellers than buyers on fiverr which is one the reasons why you’re not getting any sale for that gig…I hope you make a lot of sales soon


Hi,I always read yours comments.u seems like little harsh but true all the time.@jonbaas


I think “harsh” may be an inaccurate word. “Blunt” or “honest” might be better words to describe my comments to new sellers here on the forum.

Most new sellers don’t seem to want to do the work to achieve success, they just want to skip the work, and demand the success for free, but that’s not how business works. My advice is honest and straight to the point because I try to help new sellers realize that Fiverr is not easy money, and it is not Fiverr’s responsibility to bring sales.

If those new sellers want to be successful here on Fiverr, they need to change their mindset. More often than not, it is the new sellers who don’t want listen to my practical advice, and don’t want to think productively, who complain the loudest about me “being mean and harsh”.

I am not harsh. But I am honest. And I know many new sellers who are now successful here on Fiverr, because they were willing to listen and change their perspective.

Fiverr is not easy, but it’s not supposed to be. The people who are willing to listen and work for their success will usually find it. But those who spend all their time complaining about how hard Fiverr is, how unfair it is that they have competition, or how “harsh” I am here on the forums, usually end up going nowhere.

Fiverr is all about motivation and a strong forward-thinking attitude.

Those who DO, achieve. Those who don’t, fail.


What are you talking about? Do you know what a freelance marketplace is? A freelance marketplace is A platform that connects buyers and sellers together… So it is fiverrs’s job to find both buyers and sellers or to draw buyers to sellers gigs…You have never ran a marketplace before so you don’t know how a marketplace works…just my honest reply


I liked your answer, very clever.


I am a complete amateur when it comes to “marketplace etc”, but I do believe that Fiverr is a platform, and it provides us the place and opportunity to do business, but it is not Fiverr’s job to find buyers/sellers for us. They give us the place to do business, and from there it’s up to the buyers to look for sellers providing the services they want, and the buyers are on their own to reach out to potential customers, so I personally agree with @jonbaas saying that Fiverr’s isn’t responsible for that.

Fiverr has the search option and the buyer’s request so it’s helping people to get business/services, but is it really Fiverr’s job to actually find and get jobs/services for us??
Pardon my amateur comment, but I was a bit confused.


@zeus777 Dude you’re really confused…look up the definition of a markeplace and you’ll see what I’m talking about…Ebay is a marketplace and fiverr is a marketplace too…Sellers on ebay do not need to do any marketing because ebay helps vendors on ebay find buyers…I have ran a few marketplaces before and it was my responsibility to find both buyers and sellers for my marketplace at the same time…


I think there is a little disconnect between what Jon and Zeus are saying and what you are hearing.
Fiverr does a lot of marketing to bring buyers to the marketplace and that is their responsibility. However, it is not Fiverr’s job to get clients for ME or for YOU individually. The same is true of Ebay, Amazon and all other marketplaces. The company advertises the platform in general, not all of the individual merchants/sellers. (although they do this by using individual seller profiles at times).

Fiverr makes no guarantee to sellers that they will make sales nor do they undertake to expose their gigs for them. That is what the others are talking about - that if you want sales you need to make it happen for yourself. You need to do this within the Fiverr marketplace by optimizing gigs, producing good results, having gigs that are well presented etc. and outside the Fiverr marketplace by whatever means suit your type of service.


You are making some senses…


Thank you. I have many senses, most of which have been “made” by wisdom and experience. :wink:


Promote your gigs via social media ads


Well said and thanks…


@wpspecialist24 Do you promote your gigs on social media?


Hi,u r wrong fiverr also do promotion on the behalf of u.they dents email to potential buyers.who search items on the fiverr.