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I'm getting no sales! Please help!


please help me and give me tips on how to get sales on my gig! I do cartoon drawings and if any of you could check it out i would really appreciate it
here is my gig!


First of all, WOW, you have an incredible gift. I can draw stick figures and thats about it! Anyways, for your gig, I would add a little more to the description. Add exciting words that hype up what you’ll be giving your buyers! Also, maybe change your title to something more exciting and eye-catching (ex: “I will create an incredible…”) You’re offering a cute and creative service so make sure everyone knows that! :slight_smile: Hope this helps and good luck with your sales!!


hello! Thank you so so much you are so kind! Do you think “I will draw you in detailed cartoon style” is a good title? I don’t want to sound big headed by saying my work is incredible lol! Would you say that its an eye catching title or do you have any other ideas? Thank you so much for your reply and great ideas btw!


No problem! And I’d say that’s a pretty good title! It gets to the point and seems intriguing!


Thank you! Could you possibly be so kind as to check out my new description? I’ve updated and wanted to know if it seems professional enough! Thank you again


No problem. I’d say you don’t necessarily have to include what each package includes in the gig description as you already have it in the packages section. But in all honesty you can do it the way you have it as well, it seems ok. It’s difficult to come up with a good description because your service is basically your portraits which are seen in the gallery. Since my gigs aren’t in the same genre as yours, I’m not sure on advice of what to write specifically. I would recommend looking at other gigs offering the same services as you (or even looking at how I wrote my own) and getting an idea of what they’re saying (don’t steal their words but it’ll give you an idea of what the successful people in your section are writing!). Best of luck :slight_smile:


Hi again! thanks for your reply! I looked at the most popular cartoon creators on fiverr and they seem to have all there gigs listed in description too! I kind of just wanted to go into full detail so people fully understand which gig does what. Thank you!


Well then there ya go! Sounds like your ready to start getting sales, good luck here!


Thank you! And thank you for your help!


@diasy13 you’re such kind soul.


Try be first offered in buyer request.


hello leinexuss1d
if you want get more orders then you should promote your gig on social media and update GIG tag and also use buyer offer daily…
best of luck.


thank you very much :slight_smile:


more than welcome :hugs: keep it up.


The gig link is not working, which is a shame I was really looking forward to seeing your caricatures and portraits.


I wish you all the best and I hope you make lots of sales soon


Fix that link! I wanna see your work.


I guess she deleted her gig or she deactivated her fiverr account…


I think buyer request is best for First Order.


hi sorry guys! I deleted my gig no because it wasnt getting sales but i realised drawing is too much for me to handle at the moment. I have another gig where i make realistic sims and edit them which i find much more fun and less stressful than drawing. Thank you for your comments!