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I'm getting out of hope


I’ve lost my job, I’m out of hope and everything seems to be falling apart… I’m trying to start something here, but I’m deeply demotivated and down feeling…

I’ve made a page to try to get some donations, soon I’ll be out of energy, water, food and stuff, I don’t know what to do else, I’m searching for a job, but doesn’t seem to be effective.

Please help me get out of this…

I don’t like asking, but I see no other solution…

Just post somewhere, copy and paste, anything would help, thank you since now.

I truly appreciate anybody that will do anything to help me.

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Seriously Victor, up what your offering in your gig to get sales.

I joined Fiverr in a position like yours, and offered crazy amounts of work just to pay the bills.

Your writing style is better than many out there who are earning 10x more than you. For the time being, offering 1x2000 word article will get you some money. Or 2x400, which would be easier to write.

Starting on 1x350 isn’t easy. It took me 2 months to make sales at that word level.

Fiverr isn’t a goldmine for writers, but it does offer opportunities to pay the bills if you work your ass off.


And improve your gig descriptions. Especially for the writing. Once you find one reliable writing customer, they’ll keep bread on your table.

Your descriptions don’t do you justice, whatsoever.


You’ve only been on Fiverr for 2 weeks! I’m afraid that only a very few Fiverr sellers earn a living from their sales, but most of us do see a reasonable income. It is NOT a steady business; you could be swamped with orders one day, then see days of very little. So don’t stop the job hunt.

You are competing against 3 million other gigs. You’ve got to do things to make yours stand out. @joethorn offers some good advice. Also, read this post, it’s one of the best ones offering solid advice on getting started on Fiverr:

I’m sorry to hear that things aren’t going great for you. I know how hard it can be. I did it with a little child and a mortgage, and I put myself through college at the same time. It was worth the effort because I was able to earn a much higher income after I graduated. Sometimes I had to swallow my pride and ask for help from charities to get food for my son, and winter clothing. One year I sold almost all my furniture so I could heat my home. You do what you have to do, sometimes. Good luck~

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Not to seem cold but you are in a situation that is the same as millions of other people. I have three very young kids, I work on Fiverr and other freelancing sites 24/7 to make money. The engine in my car is wrecked and we have to borrow vehicles when we are able. I have thousands and thousands of dollars in debt that I will never be able to pay. I have to go to the food bank to make sure my kids can eat. However my husband and I try to survive by working so we don’t qualify for government assistance.

My story isn’t unique, it’s actually very common, even celticmoon has had similar experiences. It’s not something that people will donate money for. Those donation sites are for situations like “my newborn has a fatal illness and insurance won’t cover the life saving procedure she needs to survive”. That is a real problem. As long as you have your health, you have what you need to change your situation.

My situation is bleak just like yours but I don’t focus on it. I know I will get out of this somehow. To do that, I joined every freelancing site I could find, I also started my own business doing similar work. I know if I continue to work my butt off, eventually I will get where I want to be.

I highly doubt the donation thing will work out because your situation is so common that everyone who sees it probably knows several people personally with a similar situation that they would rather give money to or they are in a similar situation themselves.

It’s perseverance that will save you not giving up.


Having been in this situation myself, along with millions of others I can promise you that handouts are not what you need.

Look in the mirror, give yourself a slap and get on with it.

I know that sounds harsh but the minute you give up on life, it gives up on you.


Try other sites other then fiverr. Maybe look into freelancing. I completely understand what your going through. That’s the reason why i’m also on fiverr. I wish you luck! :slight_smile: <3


Hey!.. appart what other excellent people have already said here, I would add that…

My friend, you are too young to afford to think in such a way. Just have a shower (no joke, really, try it, cool water helps body & mind and makes you more optimistic), look at the mirror to see how awesome you are, get your gig-links posted to any social media available and don’t stop looking for a regular job.

Life has ups and downs. You will not be stuck in this (sadly-so-common) situation, OK?

all the best! :slight_smile:


I would like to make some gig suggestions. I listen to your videos and you have a great presence and excellent tone in your voice. Have you considered adding testimonials and/or voice over to your gigs? Your tone and speaking ability is impressive and is look is idea for testimonials. It may not happen over night, but once you catch on I think it would work out for you.

Good luck



Here is a motivational quote, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” I’m here to tell you today, that the reason why God is allowing you to go through what he’s allowing you to go through, cause you been too smooth and you ain’t going as far as he needs you to go. And so God is allowing you to go up the rough side of the mountain not so he could hurt you, or break you. But God is trying to change, he’s trying to redesign you!


Hmmm, reading those words reminds me why I’m glad I don’t believe in any gods: they always sound so mean and vindictive. But no matter what the motivation is, your plan for you or your god’s plan for you, working hard through difficult times can be character-building and a learning experience.