I'm going away for 1 week - What should I do?



I am going away for 1 week, next week.
I was just looking for answers as to whether using vacation mode it a good idea - but Ive read stories about how it is very damaging to sales and how it sometimes doesn’t work (sales keep coming)… I wondered what the latest advice was as these are all old posts?

Should I use vacation mode, or extend delivery time to 10 days?
I am a new seller and my orders are only just starting to get momentum… 10 Sales now.



You should carry a laptop with you and keep on fiverring. Or you could pause all your gigs instead putting on vacation mode


You can do both. If you have time and can manage to complete the orders, extend the delivery time. If not, pause the gigs instead of going on vacation.


This is my personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt, but I have used vacation mode for half a month or even an entire month on several occasions (where I land too many large jobs and can’t accept any more) and my Gig conversion doesn’t seem to be affected.

Regarding what you say about it sometimes not working, that may be a misconception. While customers won’t be able to order your Gig ‘on their own’, they will STILL be able to accept Custom Offers while you are in vacation mode under certain circumstances. That’s why I ALWAYS set an Expiration Time on my Custom Offers; because some customer may decide to accept one dating back to 6 months ago just at the right time to completely obliterate my plans. Yes, it has happened to me, and now I’m wiser for it.

Now, about pausing all gigs, personally it terrifies me. I’ve seen a myriad of really bad bugs related to gig editing. But that’s me; someone who has actually done so may be able to shed some light on the wiseness of doing so.


Will you still be able/willing to respond to messages in a somewhat timely fashion?
Then, extending delivery time should be good enough. Is what I did just very recently.


Turn on your vacation mode! :smiley:


I always use vacation mode, but you have to turn it on a couple of days before you go (so you can finish any current gigs).

Vacation mode means you don’t get messages from people who haven’t messaged you before, but just to be sure, I also pause my gigs, as I’ve found in the past that vacation mode isn’t foolproof.

If you send custom offers, put a withdraw date on them (this is good work management practice anyway) so that you know they’re not going to get accepted while you’re away.

In the past, I’ve found that orders took about a week to get back to normal but last time I came off vacation mode I was busy straight away.


I use vacation mode. And if I have any repeat customers, I let them know that I will be on vacation and give them a date when they can communicate with me.

I also have the app on my phone, just in case I would receive messages so I could respond quickly.

As far as sales, you should be fine. It’s not like you’ll be gone for an entire month.


It depends.

Does your going away for a week include that “you won’t be able to work on Fiverr” if yes, then Pausing your gig is the way, otherwise, you do not really need to extend your delivery time if you are going to have access to your laptop and phone and will be able to work as well.

As for me, most of my orders are via custom offers, so I get to set my delivery date to what seems to be comfortable for me and my client.