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I'm going to cancel my Profile - Gigs always stay on Draft

  • I’ve edited each gig around 10 times.
  • Checked on forums and many people have the same problem
  • There is no answers from support, i guess the isn’t anyone as responses are automated.

It took me 3 hours to configure my profile, give them access to all my social networks, spend another 2 hours adding a Gig and cant get it published for no reason

Some say that you have to take a test to validate your skills, but there are no tests in the profile to take.

Is there something i can try? I don’t want to spend another 4 or 6 hours personalizing gigs just to have them sitting on Draft for no reason.


When you modify something on your Gig Fiverr team must check that and approve it. Sometimes it takes 24 hours, sometimes it takes months. I have one gig waiting for over three weeks.

Making changes makes the checking process restart.

Thanks for your response, the gig is not in the Pending Approval section, but in the Draft.

The status of Draft specifies that you need to finish editing your Gig before it goes live. I’ll let it be this week and see if it gets published. As you say it might be pending for approval, but not seeing it in the Pending Section makes it confusing.


Did you click on “Publish” on each gig in the edit section? Have you given each gig a gig image (and if it’s in the video & animation category, a gig video)?


Hi, yes those steps are very obvious,

Overview > Pricing > Description > Requirements > Gallery and finally Publish… once you hit Publish the Gig Reloads to the first Step.

I can say that you can’t advance if you haven’t entered all the required information in each step, then when you save the setp you go to the next one.

In the Gallery i’ve added Three Photos, NO Videos and NO PDF files…

if i didn’t add any photos it doesn’t let me continue, so yes i attached all requirements, saved and reached the publish step… it says

Almost there…

Let’s publish your Gig and get

some buyers rolling in.

pushed the Publish Gig button. wait a few seconds and the Gig reverts to the first step.

checked my gigs and they are in the draft section.

i’ve done those steps multiple times paying outmost attentions to all popping advices and recommendations, even watched the videos.

also tried the Save and Save & Preview but it only show me a preview , The Gig looks very Good , but still , its in the draft Section.

if its the same as being in the pending Approval section, probably its just a bug.

Thanks for your response


I’d continue speaking to CS about it, even if it takes them quite a while to respond.

Maybe it does a final bit of validation before publishing and finds something it thinks is wrong about the gig and then puts it into draft mode instead of publishing it (but doesn’t show a message saying what it thinks is wrong with it). If there’s anything complex about how the gig is set up you could try simplifying it. Maybe screenshots could help.

If it’s just 1 gig that you can’t publish you could try creating a different one, maybe in a different category/subcategory and see if that can be published and come back to the original gig later.


Can you put link to your profile? Even without gig your profile should be visible and I can not find it.

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Might be the meta-data.
Can you provide a screenshot (or two) of that first section? We might be able to spot/verify the problem that way.


This happened to me once and I could solve the problem after using another browser. Later it happend again and I discovered that it was because I was using an ad blocker at my browser. I’m not sure if this helps or not in your case, but still… It’s always good to share the information that we have.

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I Found the Issue!!, i haven’t verified my phone number.

I created my account last Friday but couldn’t verify my phone. I asked for SMS but they never arrived. I’ve tried 4 or 5 times before a message pops warning me that i was out of tries and have wait 24 hours to try again.

Thing is, that i’ve been trying to complete the Gig this weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, i always reached at the same step.Untitled8

And after that, is back to step 1.

But today it asked me to verify my Phone again before the Gig can be activated. it didn’t asked before and it always returned me to the first step.

This time i asked for a phone call and received it promptly.
After that, i got the notification that the Gig was live and i can share it on twitter and Facebook

Thanks to all for your replies…
I feel ashamed since it was my error…

Maybe it was obvious that you have to verify your phone, but i wasn’t reminded, i think it took 72 hours, not 24. but i might be mistaken.

Thanks again for your support!

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Talk to customer support to know the exact reason of it.