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I'm going to leave fiverr

I’m going to leave fiverr marketplace.
I’ve tried a lot to get an order but still I can’t get any order, I think my luck is bad that’s why I don’t get any order. goodbye :expressionless: :no_mouth: :disappointed:


Don’t despair. Keep trying. Make yourself more experienced. Seek the Creator. Of course you will succeed.


You have 16 reviews and your last delivery was 12 days ago.

It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

You can always try something else as well as keeping your Fiverr account.

Good luck with whatever you decide. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here i think buyers are less amd sellers are more or don"nt know what the deal is

Hey, how long have you been here on Fiverr? You should not stop and give up. Just be patient and keep working hard. You can also try to find a job somewhere else and keep this as a sideline.


Hello there,
I really agree that the luck matters. Be consistent and keep patience, you will get out of it. Basically, I am also a new member on this platform. I have tried my level best to get orders but all in vain. Now, I got two orders just because of my patience and positive thinking!
You should polish you skillset till you won’t get an order. Also, work on communication skill. Here is a tip for you :slight_smile:
Find clients on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Getting local clients will increase you work experience. After satisfying them, you can ask them to put an order on Fiverr! It worked for me, will also for you!
Don’t lose hope and stay focused!

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you can try your of luck

hi dear, How to get clients on other platform of social media.

Join groups according to your niche topic. For example, if you are working on content writing, then join content writing related groups on different platforms. Many freelancers outsource their projects there. You can get the order by ensuring them you are the best solution for their problems. Careful of spammers, because some people do spam and they do not pay you after getting their work.


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion !

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Yeah it’s about luck totally :rofl: you work in a logo design, now type logo design in fiverr search and you have 125 197 Services available, so you are competing with over 100k other gigs. And you wonder why you have no sales.

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you can try something as well as keeping fiverr business. You should not give up dear.

No problem :slight_smile: It’s a pleasure!

I think You need to do proper research before making a new gig. Here are some steps you should follow!
Do proper keyword research
If you are going to make a gig on a high competitive keyword, then I bet it will not rank. Find some low competition keywords. Also, find some related keywords to use them in the tags option. Remember, these keywords should also be low competitive.
Fix These Keywords in Description
After completing keyword research, now the time arrives to fix these keywords in the description of the gig. First of all, write a killer description. No need to write long stories. Just tell about your skills, specialties and why you? While writing the description, add the keywords in a natural way! No Keyword-stuffing otherwise your gig will be deranked.
Upload Optimized Images
Use all the gallery options eg upload images, videos, presentations, and pdfs. They make your profile more trustable!

At last, be patient and no need to overkill the things. If you are not getting orders, then simply focus on your communication skill and build a strong portfolio! Improve your skillset and polish yourself more and more.

Hope for the best!

Keep patience, Hope you get an order soon.

Don’t loss hope, I am using fiverr from 1.5 year and just competed 2 order without getting review. But i always tried something new… best of luck

I mean no offence but I think he is just trying to mislead other people. How can does the person want to leave Fiverr while the person has 16 review and the last delivery is 12 days ago?

That’s so unappreciative to Fiverr. After all the opportunity Fiverr has gave to gdrone. That’s what the person can say. Appreciate your 16 reviews and the money you made on Fiverr bruh.

Don’t lose hope, keep trying. Try harder than your tried yesterday. Or harder than the day before.

I prefer to offer advice and not to judge.

Perhaps you should address your reply to the OP.


Sorry, I just think he should be grateful for those 16 orders he got while he works and waits for others.

I understand what you are saying and maybe the OP will reply to you.