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Im gonna die !what happend to my account? i need a help from admins and my freinds in fiverr!


my buyers asking me about they cant find my gigs now! i had 20+ oders per day!i think something went wrong in your system.i didnt violate any tos.i can guarantee it.please help me!this is urgent.and im very disappointing .i work full time here and im in real problem now.i cant make a new account.i had a great 9 months selling without any problem and i had 500+ gigs sellings! that was my logo gig and i was a great seller for past months.but it also not Visible in: Recent & Search! its really hurt my feelings and giving me huge problem. i want to let you know how much honestly i am.please help me!past 12 hours no one reply for my ticket!please help!

fiverr cs dosent update any ticket today!if there any admin see this please help gonna die guys :( :(


nope!they told its removed from search(every gig) but some buyers can see myh gigs :frowning:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: isend you a massage!please watch it


@lankaebay I think it may be related to one of your gig titles but that’s just speculation and the only thing you can do is wait for support for reply.