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Im gud at my work but i haven't received any order

i hope u guys will help me and give me good advice and motivation

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@evinpaul07, you need to create you own thread and not hijack @mohiyuddin_256’s post.

Plus, both of you can get the information for which you are looking by using the :mag: search feature. Your questions are asked repeatedly on this forum.

It would be best if you used your initiative to search for answers on your own as many forum members are tired of repeating themselves by answering these types of questions when the answers can be easily found.


i got my first order after months. Its all about neat description images videos you show.unique description.even if your good at your work how will buyers come to know .i got my first order after applying 500+ buyer request …another thing be consistent on putting buyer request.patience is the key.and mention unique titles follow Fiverrs terms and condition.All the best for first order

50+ results for
“how to get orders”

The above is what happened when I typed “how to get orders” in the search bar above.

There are thousands of helpful posts on the forum.

As @vickiespencer pointed out, the search bar is your friend!

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face: