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I'm happy for you that you got your first order, or second, or third but why post it on the forum?

Right now we have posts that someone got their first order, their second order, and their third order. :roll_eyes:
:stop_sign: Please stop doing this.


I guess it’s a marketing tool, showing a preselection!

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they just want you to find and click on their gigs…:sunglasses:

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Perhaps you are right. If so, those posts are spam until they are in My Fiverr Gigs. I do understand posting a celebratory announcement about a first order in Fiverr Experience or Fiverr Stories. Past that, the same user post about additional sales does seem like advertising. :thinking:


This is right why people are posting when they will get order and complete since it is as usual work every body are getting order here and completed

People who should stop are unlikely to actually read your post. Or, if they do, they’ll say ‘great tips’. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think you are right. If I see a flag on a post by someone that is doing it more than once, I agree that it’s spammy and would act on it if I can verify. I think this is a subjective issue, though, so other mods might choose to defer the flag. No harm done. :slight_smile:

Should we flag it as spam, or as something else (with an explanation)? :slight_smile:

EDIT: And should this be moved to Tips for Sellers? :slight_smile:

I’d suggest custom flag since it’s not obvious in all cases. I think this thread is still more of a ranty tip than a plain tip. :wink:


It’s all spam. It’s spiraling out of control lately. Every day someone posts that they made a sale. I think all posts saying someone made a sale should be removed.


Another thing increasing is people displaying they have two accounts.


It’s better to have a sticky ‘First order announcement’ thread, just like Level discussion thread.
All cheer and excitement for first/second…n orders should go to that sole thread only.


Or how about sellers who regularly want to share or document their first (or second or third) somethings make a post in new user intro and add those personal milestones there in their very own thread of marvels.


@misscrystal Great minds! It’s like damn, every single time, a new order announcement. :woman_facepalming:t4:
I just want to say "that’s great, but keep that ish to yourself."

Most are just followers - one person starts a senseless trend the rest follows!
Another way to get likes, yanno the forum badge thingies. :roll_eyes:

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I can’t get excited by someone getting their first order. Am I supposed to? :nail_care:

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Um, no! It doesn’t benefit you or me.:rofl:

I mean, I don’t mind being cheering when a milestone is met.


“Completed my 100th order”
“Completed my 500th order”
“Got my 1000th review”

These single orders celebrations are just whack!


I posted a thread like that when I got 3000 reviews which were all 5 stars. I mean come on. It’s like kindergarten on here sometimes with getting a gold star for learning to wash your hands.

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I remember back in kindergarten… They use to wash our mouths out with soap for being naughty! :face_with_thermometer:

Bad memory lol :anguished:


I had that happen and it made me more determined to say bad things.


I too am tired by this. If you just got your first order, at least let the world know how you are celebrating.

If you are a bit boring and/or have just made enough to buy a cabbage, celebrating a first order is a bit premature.